Leaders Avenue

Some of us witnessed history in the making. The creation of Pakistan August 14th, 1947 marked the start of a journey to the present 2010. Leader’s Avenue spans over 63 years of Pakistani political leadership and lists the top position holders in the executive branch, from the Governor Generals and Presidents to the Prime Ministers and the de facto leaders.

Visitors to Pakistan Herald would not just get a chance to rate the former and current leaders of Pakistan but also judge them and give appraisal for their years in office.

Leader’s Avenue would serve as a data base for the political leadership in Pakistan from 1947 to the present 2010. It would also carry popular public opinion about successful and disastrous leadership outcomes. Serving as a lesson in history for the present generation, Leader’s Avenue is designed to help make better and informed decisions about our future.

Governor Generals, Prime Ministers & Presidents of Pakistan from inception till date