Bullet hits Sheikh Rasheed’s Car

ISLAMABAD: Member of National Assembly and Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML), Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s car was hit by a bullet on Thursday late night. Sheikh Rashid had placed a FIR and he mentioned in his FIR that he was fired upon when he reached zero point but he remained safe.

Police rejects MNA’s claim of being attacked. Police investigation said that “The stray bullet, falling from the sky, was at terminal end of its trajectory at a low velocity and came at a vertical angle”

Press release of police said that “The bullet partially pierced the top sheet of the car's trunk and got stuck there”

It was also said in press release that “Preliminary investigation by police has been conducted under the supervision of SSP, SP City and ASP City Islamabad”

Sheikh Rashid stated that “He was fired upon but he remained safe when he reached near Zero Point on the highway at around 10 pm on August 29. The driver disembarked and checked the vehicle and found a bullet in the car's trunk”


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