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Designation: Former editor THE NATION
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Nawai Waqt Group

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Arif Nizami is the son of the renowned journalist and founder of Nawa-e-Waqat late Hamid Nizami. The group is controlled, managed and majority owned by is Arif Nizami's uncle. Arif Nizami was recently removed as the editor of The Nation.Following the termination of Editor of The Nation, Arif Nizami, 16 senior editorial staff members of the flagship newspaper of the Nawai Waqt Group, have resigned in protest. He plans to bring out his own newspaper within months and hopes to promote professionalism in the media.

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Dr. Qaisar Mahmood ( Lexington KY,United States) Saturday, May 11, 2013 3:24:27 PM (MDT - USA)
I know Mr. Nizami with respect to Editorials in Nawa i Waqt and then in relation to being a member of Pakistan Visionary Form. Mr. Nizami is a bold and truthful person and a a courageous journalist who knows what is right and what is wrong. I pray for his good health and same dedication to his profession. Allah bless him

Max Masood ( Sydney,Australia) Friday, July 01, 2011 5:02:49 PM (MDT - USA)
How can I contact Mr. Nizami? Is there an email address?Please advise if there is one. Many thanks.

khalid mahmood mian ( england,United Kingdom) Monday, May 30, 2011 5:07:59 AM (MDT - USA)
what is your telephone number i want to talk to you.

Raza Naqvi ( Sialkot,Pakistan) Wednesday, February 23, 2011 11:03:17 PM (MDT - USA)
عارف نظامی ایک ا چھے تجزیہ نگار ھیں i like and love Nizami Sab

Bilal Cheema ( Lahore,Pakistan) Sunday, January 30, 2011 10:32:14 PM (MDT - USA)
I jst read colume in nawia.e.Waqat and i came to kmow tht Arif Nizame sb rsigned.And going to start his own news paper.Mubark Ho Arif sb.I hope ths news paper for coverage of all the pakistanies nt for only 'SELF COVERAGE'.Allah Bless You in every sphere of life.

Nadeem Akhtar ( Fortabbas,Pakistan) Sunday, January 16, 2011 9:45:25 AM (MDT - USA)
عارف نظامی صاحب جیسے تجزیانگار قوم کو کبھی کبھارھی ملتے ھیں میری دعاھے کہ اللہ تعالی ان کو لمبی عمر اور تندرستی عطافرماےآمین

NADEEM RAMAY ( RAHIM YAR KHAN,Pakistan) Tuesday, November 30, 2010 8:25:01 PM (MDT - USA)
جناب عارف نظامی ایک بھترین اور غیرجانبدار تجزیہ نگار ، اور باوقار صحافی ہیں اللہ ان کو کامیابیاں عطاء فرمائے

Mukhtar Chaudhry ( Chicago,United States) Monday, November 15, 2010 4:00:52 PM (MDT - USA)
Arif I am so pleased to know that you have launched Pakistan Today and plan to expand it nationwide. I can help you in this regard and hope you can send me your email so that we can start and dialog. Please let me know through my email what I can do for you. By the way I will be coming to Pakistan in December this year and will be seeing you then. Just let me know your contact telephone Number and email. I will call you from here before leaving. Hope to see you soon. Thank you Sincerely Mukhtar Chaudhry

saeed ahmed chishti ( pakpattan,Pakistan) Monday, October 04, 2010 11:16:45 PM (MDT - USA)
arif nizami is a brave journalist.

sajid latif khan ( dubai,United arab Emirates) Friday, October 01, 2010 11:04:08 AM (MDT - USA)
salam o alkum sir i proud of u start a new english news paperin pakistan congratulation 8year before iam work in ur press as a supervisor thanks bye .

Arif Shah ( California,United States) Tuesday, September 07, 2010 5:07:53 PM (MDT - USA)
================================================================= 786 V ________ >Arif Nizami< # Arif Nizami Jab Tajzia Karte Hain, To Aisa Mehsos Hota Haiy, Ke Arif Nizami Ka Tujarba, aur Maloomaat dosare Tajzia Nigaron Se Bohot Mukhtalif Hain, Keaon Ke Bohot Sare Tajzia Nigaron ki sirf Wohi Maloomaat hoti Hain, Jo Ke Woh Apnaiy Samne Dekh Rahaiy (Physical) Hotaiy Hain, Ya Ikhbaron Aur TV Par Se Akhaz Karte Hain, Magar, Arif Nizami Ki Pakistani Siasat Ke Mustakbil (Pakistan Ka siasi Mustakbil) Par Nazar Hoti Haiy, jo Ke Shayad Abhi Surface Naheen Howa Hota Haiy! >Wala Ho Aalam< Arif Shah U S A

Jamil A. Ansari ( Mississauga, Ontario.,Canada) Wednesday, September 01, 2010 3:01:49 PM (MDT - USA)
I will like to see Arif Nizami as a leading person of a newspaper. Hope this will true soon.

Dr. Tahir ( Faisalabad,Pakistan) Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:37:43 AM (MDT - USA)
why you have been removed as editor of The Nation

aslam hayat ( Vancouver,Canada) Saturday, January 02, 2010 10:30:23 PM (MDT - USA)
عارف نظامی ایک ا چھے تجزیہ نگار ھیں

Bashir Ahmed Khan ( Islamabad,Pakistan) Thursday, December 31, 2009 5:35:42 AM (MDT - USA)
Nazami family as a whole is very patriot family. They always fought for Pakistan and Arif Nizami is their perhaps a second generation. Arif always and in this programme as well was calling spade a spade and his comment were very informative and he and his family is famous in speaking truth that is why this family was always under pressure by the rulers and they have suffered a lot financially. The freedom of press today owe a lot to them. Let us acknowledge this with open mind that they are the people who fought for press freedom and democracy in the country atleast since Ayub martial law. Great

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