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Harris Khalique (Born 20 October 1966) is a Pakistani poet, columnist and intellectual. He is based in Islamabad. Harris Khalique is the only Pakistani writer and poet whose name has been included in a publication, ‘Windows on the World – 50 writers, 50 views’. Publication has been brought out recently by Penguin US featuring eminent writers from across the world like Orhan Pamuk, Nadine Gordimer, Richard Flanagan, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Jerimiah Sullivan and Emma Larkin. According to the publisher, 50 of the world’s greatest writers share their views in collaboration with the artist Matteo Pericoli, expanding our own views on creativity and the meaning of home. The drawings of the celebrated Italian artist and architect appear with the description of the view by the writers. Harris Khalique’s description of the view from his office window in Islamabad ends with these lines: “Last week when it stopped raining after several hours, I decided to go beyond the window and walk across the terrace to look over the street from above. I saw a young girl squatting by a small puddle and folding paper into boats. An odd mix of intense sorrow and great hope enveloped my heart.” Harris Khalique's major works in Urdu and English poetry include ‘Ishq Ki Taqveem Mein’ (2006), ‘Between You and Your Love’ (2012) and the award-winning collection ‘Melay Mein’ (2012).

Early life

Khalique was born in Karachi, Pakistan and was raised in Karachi but traveled across Pakistan from a very young age and spent considerable time in Hyderabad (Sindh), Tando Mohammed Khan (Sindh) and Lahore, where a part of his mother's family lives. Khalique attended Cantonment Public Karachi. Later, he earned a Master’s degree in Development Management and Development Studies from London School of Economics and Political Science. He started his career as an engineer and then switched to the fields of community development and human rights as a student and young professional.He moved to Islamabad in 2001 where he now lives.


Khalique is a poet and writes in both Urdu and English, his poetry appears in anthologies published by University of Georgia Press, W.W. Norton and Co. and Oxford University Press and on the web.He also co-wrote a book of creative non-fiction with the partition of South Asia in 1947 serving as the backdrop. Besides contributing occasionally to other magazines, journals and newspapers, he writes a weekly column in The News International.


Poetry collections
Melay Mein (Urdu, 2012)
Between You and Your Love (English, 2004)- ISBN 969-441-114-9
Divan (English, 1998) - ISBN 969-8437-00-2
If Wishes Were Horses (English, 1996)


Pakistan Mein Siyasi Tabdeeli Ki Samt (co-written, Urdu, 2007)
Pakistan: The Question of Identity (English, 2003)
Unfinished Histories (co-written, English, 2002)- ISBN 969-516-065-4

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Shazia ( Lahore,Pakistan) Monday, April 22, 2013 2:57:38 AM (MDT - USA)
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