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About Hussaini Blood Bank

Husaini Blood Bank (HBB) is a public health organization working for the welfare of the people of Pakistan It was established in the year 1979 by late Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid inside his clinic located in Soldier Bazaar, Karachi. The objective behind the establishment of the blood bank was to provide Safe Blood to the Patients’ Community at large without any discrimination of caste, creed, race, religion or color. In addition to its main office atKarachi, HBB has sub offices and affiliated department/NGOs all over the country. Through these outlets following projects, social development and health services are being offered and implemented. Hussaini Blood Bank was started on a very small scale but by the grace of almighty Allah and with the sincere, selfless and devoted leadership, this organization has grown into one of the largest blood transfusion service centers in South East Asia with annual turnover of more than 135,000 units of blood and its components and the graph has a rising trend every year. The blood bank has a facility to split one unit of whole blood into 6 different blood components. Besides, there are 10 computerized Apheresis machines used to extract any particular required component of blood from a healthy voluntary donor. This technology enables to extract certain components to a maximum limit of 15-20 units out of single donor without causing any injury to the donor. Otherwise it would require 15-20 blood donors. The blood bank has been maintaining the pride of being pioneer in adopting advanced blood bank techniques. At present other blood banks in the country are striving to achieve ELISA based blood screening system while Hussaini has switched over from conventional ELISA to the most advanced Chemiluminescent technology for blood screening to go one step ahead and ensure safe blood for the patient community. On the basis of diversified services in the field of haematology and oncology, the organization was given a broader based name i.e. Husaini Haematology & Oncology Trust under which there is a blood bank, a Thalassaemia centre and an institute of haematology. The organization is run by a trust having a board of trustees with one managing trustee. Under the managing trustee there is a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals. The administration and finance personnel include MBA’s, CA and ACCA while the medical team comprising of haematologist, pediatrician, dental surgeon, clinicians, blood bank physicians, blood bank technologists and technicians. Besides providing routine blood transfusion services, this team has been serving the nation in all sorts of emergencies and natural disasters like earth quack, bomb blasts and in epidemics like Dengue & Congo viral fever etc.  


Hussaini Thalassaemia Service

In the year 1993 after the death of Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid ,his son Dr. Muhammad Ali Vajid founded a new wing of the blood bank in the name of Hussaini Haematology & Oncology Services to provide healthcare facilities to Thalassaemia Patients. 

Hussaini Institute of Haematology

Safe blood is not possible without professionally trained blood bank technicians. As the blood banking is a very specialized branch of medical science, there was a shortage of professionally trained blood bank personnel in the industry. To overcome this shortage, Dr. Muhammad Ali Vajid established an institute in the year 2000 in the name of Husaini Institute of Haematology. The institute offers one year Diploma course in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine. The institute is registered with Sindh Board of Technical Education. 

Husaini Thalassaemia Centre is a daycare centre of its own kind providing comprehensive medical care to 600 hundred registered and more than 100 unregistered Thalassaemia patients. The facility at Thalassaemia center includes medical consultation, lab investigations, medication, blood transfusion, ICU, surgical procedures, Dental procedures, food and field trips. All these services are absolutely FREE OF COST. 

These outlets following projects, social development and health services are being offered and implemented

•      Social Development.

•      Empowerment. •      Screening of blood •      Education (Diploma/Certificate Courses) •      Care of Thalassemia Patients. •      Care of Homophiles of Patients. •     Eye and general care medical services. •      Health Awareness programs •     Vaccination camp •      Human rights •      Monitoring 

The following specialty units are also run by the Trust:

·         Hematology Services

·         Diagnostic Facilities

·         Iron Chelation Therapy

·         Spleenectomy

·         Thalassemia Center

·         Hussaini Institute of Hematology

·         Motivation of Voluntary Blood Donors

·         Seminar and Workshop

·         National conference

·         Prevention program

·         Relief Services/Disaster Management

·         Role in Dengue(VHF) Epidemics

        ·         Behavioral change communication


External Affiliation

Member of Other Networks / Organizations

Technical Affiliated Organizations

Technical Advisors


Community Project

Earthquake Project

Project Department Assignments

Member of Other Networks / Organizations

Sindh NGOs network on HIV AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Working Group

Thalassaemia International Federation Cyprus

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan

Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority

Sindh Board of Technical education

Affiliation with Baqai University and Karachi University for Training

Disaster Management Program Member, Govt. of Sindh.

SAARC Association of Transfusion Medicine

Hepatitis Advisory Board (prevention of Hepatitis B & C).

Program Manager BTA, Azad Jammu Kashmir

Program Manager BTA, NWFP

Program Manager BTA, PUNJAB

Program Manager BTA, BALOCHISTAN

Program Manager BTA Northern Areas

National AIDS Control Program

Sindh AIDS Control Program

RINA for Quality Management ISO 9001-2000

 Contact Hussaini Blood Bank - HBB


Hussaini Blood Bank

Opp. Nishter Park Soldier Bazar No.2, Karachi, Sindh

Ph: +92 (21) 2255880, 2250423, 2222885

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