We need a group of good men who would haul Pakistan out of its present demise. Corruption is rampant in the high and low of Pakistani politics and the demon of greed has manifested itself in all its glory. Is a new world possible? It will take time and consistency of action but yes we believe it is, if you are willing to take that first step. Most developing nations are not immune to rogue elements which are a part and parcel of all societies, disinfect yours. Identify the pests putrefying your nation.

You may think your rating or vote is immaterial to the outcome. Casting your vote and throwing your one in 7,000,000 opinions in a hat might seem like a completely pointless exercise. Do it for the simple reason that ‘the more people who vote the greater the chance of a happy result’ provided of course that you vote for the superior candidate.

The ancient Greeks had a word for individuals who were indifferent to public affairs; ‘idiotes’ or ‘idiot’. Don’t be one! Give your rating now.