The Lost Part

The Lost Part is committed to history that lingers to our present to remind us of lessons forgotten.

million died in the seven month long civil war, before the Bengalis demand for greater autonomy turned into a cry for liberation. 1971, Pakistan was torn into two. The brutal yet tragic amputation of Pakistan’s East Wing was a well deserved lesson for the power hungry hostile exploiters who chose force to restore law and order. The sheer profusion of war crimes in 1971, inflicted on the innocent citizenry by its own army puts in mind the prevalent situation in Pakistan. Thirty nine years ago, atrocities were committed against the masses by the leaders and their charges, the perpetrators got away scot-free. Today, Pakistan is reliving its past.

Pakistan Herald invites you to record eyewitness accounts, brave and honest details of the unsavory events that took place in the year 1971. The raison d’etre for this exercise it to penetrate the veil of half truths and blatant lies that surround the fall of Bengal. Also, to initiate focused discussions on lessons forgotten.

Time erodes the memory of our most intense battles. The Lost Part will make sure that the past lessons are not that easily whisked away by the winds of time.