Towards Welfare State

Is relief from poverty possible in the absence of social equality? Can eloquently spoken words on the importance of a welfare state by our chief ministers, put an end to starvation in Pakistan, where making ends meet and earning an honest living is no mean feat. The government provides absolutely no safety nets for the beat up Pakistani citizenry, 30% of which lives below the poverty line. The measures which are currently taken for education, housing, sustenance, health care, pensions, unemployment, insurance, public transportation, social amenities and children are meager and insufficient to meet the demands of a growing population.

What is required is a radical shake up! Achieving perfect bliss might not be possible for any developed or underdeveloped state but a welfare state making sufficient contributions to the people’s well being is not that far fectched an idea. We propose doing so through economic equality and by creating equitable standard of living for all.

Islamic teachings put the welfare of the citizenry above that of its leaders, 63 years and our leaders still fail to understand the core dogma that the welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all. We have a long line of inadequate leaders who have been more passionate about their bank accounts, their generations and their popularity then the plight of the common man. The question today is CAN OUR GOVERNMENT AFFORD A WELFARE SYSTEM? Up till now welfare in Pakistan has been more about egos of the elite and less about the trials of the masses.

How much more are you willing to take? Insist on change now!