Welcome to the Pakistan Herald’s U-reporting system.

With the advancement in technology, people are more informed, aware and conscious than before. Catching up with news has never been easier, Pakistan Herald takes a step forward and makes reporting as easy. Herald’s interactive reporting system engages the entire Pakistani community through U- Report. Be the first with the facts; uncover news, report crimes, happenings and malfunctioning of institutions and officials. U-Report allows you to share your news with greater speed and depth.

Our Readers become our reporters. The three customary sources for gaining information are;

• Interviews
• Observation
• Documents

If you are a witness, victim or a concerned citizen and need to voice your apprehension regarding any appalling happening in the state of Pakistan, the tools are right here.

U- Report goes beyond crime reporting, encompassing everyday occurrences like corruption in service delivery, absence of duty officers, irresponsible teachers, population statistics, accident reports, environmental hazards and much more.