When fingers are pointed at the police chiefs, heads of anti corruption departments, officials of interior ministry and intelligence agencies, when the defenders and guardians are charged with criminal trespassing, vandalizing, illegal raids, theft and illegal arrests, they become the very cause of unbridled and rampant corruption!

Fear mongering by the police and security officials has badly damaged the social fabric of the state of Pakistan. One of the repeated complaints by the citizenry is that in many cases Police officers out rightly refuse to file the complaint, for reasons known only to them. Albeit the fact that no police officer carries the authority to refuse registration of a case withal external or internal pressure, lethargy and initial inactivity of the police has become a daily occurrence in Pakistan. In such cases the person lodging the complaint must inform the Sub Divisional Police Officer or the Superintendent or the District Police Officer responsible for the area.

If the local police and government agencies have failed you and if you are thinking twice about stepping into Pakistan Police head quarters, if you have been subjected to harassment and extortion by the law enforcement agencies, LODGE YOU FIR WITH PAKISTAN HERALD!

Pakistan Herald will vouch for the victim and lend unconditional support. We will make sure that your complaint reaches;

• The offices of the chief executives of the country
• Offices of the court of law/judges
• National newspapers
• International human rights organizations/NGOs
• Offices of the high ranking police officers.
• The masses

FIR or first information report can be legally lodged by anyone; it can be an audio, video, oral, written or even a telephonic message reporting a cognizable offence. This report once filed sets the process of criminal justice in motion. Do not hesitate to take a stand against child abuse, child labor, corruption, domestic violence, extortion, harassment, kidnapping, mugging, murder, theft, robbery or rape. Online virtual FIR with Herald will be the first step towards serving justice to the nation.