What happened to the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation?

Source:  Dawn.com Published in Current Affairs on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Even as the ascension of Sadiq Khan, the new London mayor of Pakistani-descent, is celebrated by his compatriots, there seems to be little worry that their own local governments, which were elected amid much pomp and circumstance last year, have not even started working yet.

The federal capital’s own mayor, Sheikh Anser Aziz, blames the bureaucracy for leaving local governments in limbo.

His mistrust is not completely misplaced: the federal government has failed to transfer assets and responsibilities from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) admin to the newly-formed Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation.

Since his victory in February this year, the first-ever mayor of Islamabad appears to have been walking a tight rope. Like him, other local government representatives who won elections last November are still clueless about the roles and functions of their yet-to-be-allotted offices.

“It is ironic that this delay in the distribution of assets and departments between the metropolitan corporation and the CDA/ICT has increased anxiety among voters, who have begun to lose faith in the local governments,” says Zeeshan Naqvi, the capital’s deputy mayor.

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