Sindh Assembly: Lost in Translation?

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Politics on Friday, February 28, 2014

Shaukat Mubarak is a San Francisco State University Graduate who is currently attending a University in Islamabad completing his Mphil Degree in International Relations

By Shaukat Mubarak

While scouring through the news day beforeyesterday, I came across an interesting piece of information, which was ratherthought provoking, and semi appalling at the same time. Before I go on arampage about my thoughts about this particular news, I would like to mentionthat the frame of mind that I was in while reading the news was revolvingaround the most serious stuff like saving my homeland from the wraths ofTaliban as well as alternative options Pakistan has in order to proceed theever failing negotiations recently.  Theheadline news on Tribune read “Sindh Assembly trying to pass a resolution todeclare all four provincial dialects of Pakistan to be the Official NationalLanguages of Pakistan”. At first my reaction was well there we go again, yet anotherattempt of Sindh government to make a fool out of the Pakistani public focusingmore on creating a rather more disintegrated Pakistan than a united one andalong the way perhaps figure out a way to cash in on the process. Now you mightask me “cash in? but How? Well Sindh government’s track record have been lessthan perfect to say the least. The biggest issue is the failure to setprecedence in issue that require rather more attention and leaving behind theones that are not only worthless, but also a waste of time…on the expense ofthe ill fated people of Pakistan who are sitting here waiting for a progress tobe made. Here we are trying to pretend being a civilized society and form arather modern union of the people as ONE PAKISTANI, and Sindh government comeswith a plan to start yet another needless campaign and distract the public fromthe real issues such as poverty, lawlessness and above all terrorism speciallyin the province of Sindh. And I assure you that this silly resolution probablyhas PROFIT written all over it one way or another. Perhaps another way to wastegovernments resources in printing new ID cards where we will have our names andaddresses in all the four languages plus urdu and oh lets leave the mostuniversally accepted language out- English. In case you haven’t noticed, yournational id card is written only in Urdu and good luck trying to present it asa proof of ID in a foreign country. Urdu is only for Pakistanis!.Well historyis the proof that Sindh Govt. is the most articulated bunch of illiteratenincompoops who always end up cashing in on one thing or another as long asthere is someone somewhere sitting on a government dept. trying to make it“work”. There are many instances, lets start with PIA, the national career thatstarted out as a great bunch to fly with to a great joke to laugh at…thanks toSindh govt.  Has anyone of you noticedthat how many Aircraft livery (paint design) PIA has went through in the lastten years? MORE THAN 4!. And not to mention the design of the cabin crewuniform and handbags? More than 3! Ever wonderWhy? An airline that isstruggling to pay their fuel charges would go ahead and crazily change theiraircraft paints and cabin crew uniforms specially when there was nothing wrongwith them in the first place? Well ladies and gentlemen brace yourself for thebitter truth! Its because PIA is ruled by bunch of Sindh government people whoemploy their sons and daughters, sisters and brothers and like to have a pieceof cake wherever its possible to fill their pockets with undeserving money. Soif I’m a minister in Sindh Assembly and I have a cousin who just have, lets saya keen interest in making some drawing on a piece of paper, I will be offered acontract job in PIA to design a livery so that I can earn in millions of rupeesfor something that wasn’t at fault to begin with. Same goes for uniform…

I think in the times where we need unity themost to deal with serious national issues, what Sindh government is busy doingis coming up in ways to make sure tell the outside world that we are NOT ONEPakistan but we are a Pakistan where there are many different sects and groupsand we want to be identified as such- divided with provincial identities,fighting for a space on our Identity cards. Look at SINDH FESTIVAL !its anotherhoax for the Bhuttos to cash in on provincial prejudice and not to promotePakistan , but to promote Sindh as if it is not part of Pakistan. I thinkbefore someone recognizesthemselves as Sindhi, they recognize themselves asPakistani. And where the hell are you promoting Sindhi culture? I know allabout Sindhi culture although im not a Sindhi. If anyone is curious aboutlearning about the Sindhi culture they can consult Wikipedia…we don’t need afestival to teach us about it. What message are you sending to the outsideworld when we are engulfed in sectarian violence where Shias are getting killedby Sunnis and Pathans are being killed by Muhajirs. I thought a more positivespin on cashing in money on the name of country would have been a PakistanFestival. But Sindh government is not really keen on that. Never had been,never will be. And I hope that millions and billions that these people arecashing in on the name of Sindh festival, it is donated to Sindh highwayAuthority so that it can be used to build broken roads all across Sindhprovince. Lets not hold our breaths on that thought.

Lastly, the absurd idea of identifying all fourlanguages as the official languages of Pakistan is so unnecessary and much of alaughing stock that I can’t even begin to express. How about not wasting timeon such silly issues and should rather focus upon more serious issues likesaving the country that’s on the verge of Talibanisation, providing peace andlaw and order and justice to all the citizens of Pakistan and above allprioritize your duties as a government. I really hope this resolution fails andsave us all from becoming a joke to the whole world where Pakistan hasrepeatedly set a standard for being unique and not in a positive good way.




(Shaukat Mubarak is a San Francisco StateUniversity Graduate who is currently attending a University in Islamabadcompleting his Mphil Degree in International Relations)


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