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Source: Published in Politics on Monday, December 8, 2014

In less than two months of his formal launch into the political arena, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has been advised to “tread cautiously and have a temporary break from active politics”-

The advice has come from none other than his father, Asif Ali Zaradri. The former president and co-chairman of the PPP had told a group of his party men during his stay at Bilawal House here that the party’s relations with the MQM soured because of Bilawal’s indiscreet statements and that he had advised his son to have a temporary break from politics.

The PPP had launched 26-year-old Bilawal into politics in its Oct 18 rally in Karachi. Prior to that he had asked MQM chief Altaf Hussain to rein in his “namaloom afraad” (unidentified men) otherwise there would be serious consequences if anything happened to PPP workers.

“Uncle Altaf, if my workers get a single scratch, forget the London police; I will make your life miserable.”

The MQM reacted strongly and parted ways from the Sindh coalition government.

A PPP leader told Dawn that the former president talked about Bilawal’s fiery speeches against some rivals that created problems for the party. “Bilawal is young and passionate. Politics is in his blood but he needs more time for grooming,” Mr Zardari was quoted as having said.

Some PPP workers had reacted to Bilawal’s absence from the party’s Foundation Day activities in Lahore on Nov 30. One of them even dared to ask Mr Zardari about the reason behind Bilawal’s skipping the all-important event.

Although Mr Zardari did not respond to the question in the presence of the media, at the closed-door meeting he divulged the reason for the party chairman’s stay in London.

“Mr Bilawal will be active in politics again after getting the green signal from his father,” the PPP leader said, rejecting reports that Bilawal had taken offence at his father’s advice.

“No controversial Tweet has been made by Bilawal recently, indicating he is following his father’s advice.”

The party has already denied reports of political differences between the father and the son.

Is he going to get admission to any other course in London if he has to stay away from the active politics to kill his time or further improve his knowledge of politics, wonder many.

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