Challenging Paradox of “Terrorism” and Wars against Humanity

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Terrorism on Friday, December 4, 2015

“Throughout history, oppressed people have been overwhelmed and immobilized by the seeming indestructibility of the military establishment in power. Whether it be a Hitler, an Attila, or the powerful Ozymandias of old, the mighty call upon the weak to “look on my works … and despair.” But whether these tyrants are defeated by their enemies, or, like an uncontrolled forest fire that burns itself out as a result of its own self-destructing flames, all such empires fade and fall. The hubris and inhumanity of our leaders and owners result in their own annihilation – the only question is how many will have died while they wreaked their havoc on the people and resources of the planet.” (Luke Hiken, “How Should Americans Respond to Leaders Who Are War Criminals?” Dissident Voice 6/29/2011).

More Wars on Arabs –  and Coming of the Third World War Scenario

In the 21st century, humanitarian wars of aggression are a common place. To safeguard the present and the future of mankind, all concerned global citizens must think to avert the ultimate impending cataclysmic destruction of the mankind and the Planet Earth.  In all wars, mankind is the net victim of cruel acts of few warmongers. The news media plays pivotal role in manufacturing and transforming unspoken myths into thinkable notions in situations of unusual emergencies and societal conflicts.  The terrorist attacks in Paris galvanize the curse of terrorism and consequential havoc human deaths and fear of the unthinkable. Despite knowledge and advanced intelligence networks, nations fail to find workable protective measures from societal terrorism. Everywhere mankind is victimized by the unknown consequences of the few sadistic individuals and leaders including the ISIL in Iraq-Syria, Bashar alAssad and many Western leaders. The real issues of wars – the cursed authoritarianism and anti-human governance are sidelined and Russia, America and few Europeans are bombing the Arab civilians and causing massive deaths and destruction to the habitats and environment. If Russia and America agree to disagree, the Third World War could become a reality to make the Arab landscape a battle ground. These masters of deception could bridge fake differences by destroying the Arab-Muslim world and to facilitate greater maneuverability for Israel in the Middle East. The Arab nations have no leaders to imagine a proactive future. The Western planned wars have devastated Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Yemen, and Egypt. Now, Russia is conveniently collaborating the war on terrorism by shielding the real issue - the Bashar al Assad dictatorial rule and Iraqi sectarian warfare. How naïve are the Arab-Muslim leaders to be fighting sectarian conflicts? Divergent strategic interests are popping up to undermine the lifelines of the Arab people. Its spill-over impact is the consequential entanglement of Turkey into the ferocity of the wars.  Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and the whole of the Arab Peninsula is breathing slow death injected to the Arab Middle East theater. Since the 9/11 and long before that timeline, extremism and terrorism were frequent developments in varied forms and shapes, not necessarily impinging upon Western political psyche and culture. Recall now almost five years old oppressive odyssey of the Syrian people, millions displaced as refugees, massacred and habitats destroyed by continuous US, Russian and Western coalition forces - diplomacy at its most cruel form and shape wanting consultative meetings and agreement of America and Russia to stop the on-going daily bloodsheds – indeed a gruesome shame for the oil-enriched and leaderless Arab authoritarian states. There are no Arab leaders with vision of unity and intellectual strength to lead the people in such emergencies.

Do the Russian and American military engagements signal the coming of a Third World War catastrophic trend?  Truth digging will spell out that in global affairs if thousands or millions innocent lives are demised and slaughtered in search of diplomacy, proponents of monstrous thinking will continue to insist that diplomacy should be given a chance. Both Russia and America are talking of diplomacy and political settlements in Iraq and Syria while continue to displace people and cause irreparable destruction to human lives and the environment. The perpetuated insanity is wide spread and you wonder how rationality has been suppressed and the UN diplomacy and importance of its role and responsibilities in international peace and security are just words and meaningless interpretations. For too long, French, American, British, Russian and others are complacent in secret web of unspoken intrigues and conspiracies to dehumanize the sense of civility in many parts of North Africa and the Arab Middle East. The reactionary “terrorism” is fast taking roots in many of these political spheres of entanglements.  The wars on terrorism and terrorism of wars must come to an end to safeguard the larger interests of the mankind and its safety on this planet. Critical analysis indicates that Putin has outmaneuvered Obama and others to capitalize on the Syrian conflict and acquire a dominant political and strategic position. It is unparallel that Western leaders would consider Russia’s intervention without any strategic challenge and resentment.

Terrorism of War is Eroding Human Culture, Security and Future

Iraq and Syria were the hubs of ancient culture, civilizations and archeological treasures for the future generations. The Western planned wars have destroyed the cultural heritage and archeological sites and stolen historic priceless artifacts from museums and other sites. ISIL and other extremist groups are replicating the same for profits. No war has ever transformed or shaped human culture into peacemaking and sustainable stability. Contemporary leaders are prisoners of their monstrous mindset to instigate deadly lies about war and peace and global political governance.  Glen Greenwald (“The 'War on Terror' - by Design - Can Never End.” the Guardian: 1/4/2013),  a well known international journalist and American constitutional lawyer points out that the US warmongering has no end to its policy of global hegemony.

“There's no question that this "war" will continue indefinitely. There is no question that US actions are the cause of that, the gasoline that fuels the fire.” Greenwald speaks of his ultimate concerns:

Over the decades of unchallenging aggressive adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and now in Syria, West and North Africa and soon in Saudi Arab according to Robert Fisk (“Could Saudi Arabia be Next?  Bad News For Palestine in 2013. 1/2/2012, The Independent), America has earned the distinction of being a leader in intrinsic and endless corrupted wars to dismantle, humiliate, kill and destroy the Arab people and maintain the surge for more bloodsheds anytime - anywhere - outlines Glen Greenwald:  There's a good reason US officials are assuming the "War on Terror" will persist indefinitely. There is zero reason for US officials to want an end to the war on terror, and numerous and significant reasons why they would want it to continue. Greenwald attempts to synthesize the end game:

Why would anyone in the US government or its owners have any interest in putting an end to this sham bonanza of power and profit called "the war on terror"? Johnson is right that there must be an end to this war imminently, and Maddow is right that the failure to do so will render all the due-process-free and lawless killing and imprisoning and invading and bombing morally indefensible and historically unforgivable. But the notion that the US government is even entertaining putting an end to any of this is a pipe dream, and the belief that they even want to is fantasy. They're preparing for more endless war; their actions are fueling that war; and they continue to reap untold benefits from its continuation.

Across Western Europe and more so after the recent attacks and killing of the innocent civilians in Paris, a culture of fear and warmongering persists against the Arabs and Muslims. The scenario of Third World War could pop up even accidental as was the case in history. Both France and Germany are increasing their military presence in the Arab world. In concert with Russia and America, the plan to bomb and destroy civilian population in Syria, Iraq and the so called Islamic State is getting out of proportion and reason. Both Syria and Iraq and other oil-producing Arab world is under the shadow of Western madness and hostilities. Is there a secretive alignment of solidarity amongst the Russian, American and other Europeans to impose a war raging culture on the Arab people and to undermine their future survival as human beings and civilization?  During the US-British occupation, thousands of cultural artifacts disappeared. These objects included no less that 15.000 invaluable Mesopotamian artifacts from the National Museum in Baghdad. Strangely enough, some of the leading Western journalists, academics and political figures refuse to recognize the loss of life and history on such a large scale and its accompanied cultural destruction as the fully predictable consequences of American and British occupation policy. The very idea is considered unthinkable, despite the openness with which this objective was pursued explains Dirk Adriaensens (“Ending States that Sponsor Terrorism”: Dismantling the Iraqi State, Destroying an Entire Country. Destroying Iraqi culture, erasing collective memory.” Global Research: 11/5/2010). It is time to think of unthinkable. How should the informed global humanity view the sadistic wars as prelude to peacemaking and normalization of human relations?

Peacemaking is the Logical Solution, Not the Terrorism of Wars

At a critical juncture of time and opportunities in global affairs, it is rational to think objectively what mankind needs most - peace, co-existence or more cruel wars. Professor Michel Chossudovsky (Towards A World War 111 Scenario- The dangers of nuclear war. 2012), is well known international scholar of peace and anti-war movement and leads the Global Research – Center for Research on Globalization. He sums up how the US and NATO are threatening the global humanity, its security and sustainable future:

The military deployment of US and NATO forces are occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously. Militarization at global level in instrumented through the US military’s Unified Command structure; the entire planet is divided into geographic combatant Commands under the control of Pentagon…. The perpetrators of wars are presented as the victims. Public opinion is misled. We must fight against evil in all its forms as a means to preserving the Western way of life. Breaking the “big lie” which upholds war as a humanitarian undertaking, means breaking a criminal project of global destruction, in which the quest for profit is the overriding force. This profit-driven military agenda destroys human values and transforms people into unconscious zombies.

There are no concerted efforts to plan for peace and normalization in Syria and Iraq. Global leaders are pretending to be talking of political solution - holding elections in Syria and keeping Al-Assad in power while killing the civilians and bombing the habitats. Every beginning hast its end.  Iraq and Syria are destroyed and soon the whole Arab world could be charcoal broiled artifacts. Russian and American leadership appear to be led by the wrong people with wrong thinking and doing the wrong things. So were many historic monsters that threatened the survival of mankind but vanished without a trace. In their given span of life and time, they were smart and tactful to use clichés of being civilized and challenged and subdued anyone who dared to reason the unreason with their monstrous acts of deception and war plans. They were destined to meet the same consequential end about which they never imagined and often mocked about it if it could happen to them in their life time. The life and planet exist not because of any abstract notion of the modern State and its laws but by the order and will of God. Have the human beings not observe how the planet Earth exists on its own and provides sustenance to all the living creatures. From earth to heavens, all things exist and operate according to the command of God and obey His pre-destined course of action. Those who challenged the order of the Nature of Things became dust and artifacts in worldwide museums. Many challenging the Laws of God ended up in bringing His wrath by violating the limits and got destroyed by natural causes such as earthquakes, flooding, storms, sound blasts and other natural causes befitting to their wickedness and drudgery against the mankind. What happened to the kingdom of Pharaoh? What fate did Hitler encountered claiming to be waging war of 1000 years? Where did the Roman Empire ended up? How did the British and Spanish Empires were lost without a trace? What about the most recent USSR dismantlement? What is next for still infancy-the US and Russian Empires? The mankind suffers without any lapse of time as do the victims of nuclear catastrophic accidents and bombing.

Learning from the facts of life and making changes in perceptions, policies and strategic direction is a rational choice to intelligent leadership. We do need men of new ideas and creative strategies to safeguard the future of mankind from ignorance and arrogance of fellow men. One could propose a workable diagnose to the bewildered Russian, American  and European mindset if these leaders could be sent on a space voyage to see the Planet Earth as is from the above and try to understand its operational existence – who is governing the universe - what Majestic Power facilitates all that is essential for life and growth;  how the earth rotates against the sun, how the water, seas, mountains stand in obedience to their Creator - the Lord of the World- the Creator of life and death, how the universe and human species are connected together and the imperatives of living in co-existence with the rest of mankind. Perhaps, such an exploratory visit to space will help to melt down some of their inborn arrogance, indifference and cruelty to the fellow human beings. The outcome could produce human optimism and pave opportunities and means for peacemaking and co-existence. Indeed, leadership adaptability to change in democracy is a mark of intelligence and responsibility.

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