Terrorism Is The Root Cause of Every Problem We Are Facing ?

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Terrorism on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pakistan is facing terrorist activities for more than a decade, terrorist activities raised dramatically after drone attack in Bajor school 2006 which took 80 children lives & LAL masjid incident which can easily be dealt other way round. Nowadays every politician, official & anchors are just chanting the mantra of Terrorism, terrorist &their Supporters, sympathizers.

Foreign Office Spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said at a weekly press briefing “While our resources are overstretched, we remain determined to root out terrorism from the soil of Pakistan and the region, through a cooperative approach” . Meeting of the civilian and military leadership led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif at the General Headquarters concluded with the two expressing strong resolve to eradicate terrorism from the country, senior security sources told Dawn, 19-Dec-15. KARACHI. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif  two weeks ago said 2016 will be the year of unity and eliminating terror from the country.
Right now there is a coördinated advocacy push to impose defeating terrorism as the only driver of local and foreign policies in our region. The rhetoric so far has been that Pakistan is predominantly on the right path, there's just a muddle of militancy that needs to be sorted out. But Pakistan is the opposite of alright. Power acquired in the name of protecting the people is used to serve vested personal and US political interest in the region, namelyAsia Pivot (The containment of China). Going after the symptoms of this manic (Terrorism) is the right solution? Is this is the only problem our nation is suffering from, or every problem is related to terrorism or extremism? 
Terrorism as violence against civilians and public institutions, abhorrent though itis a symptom of a wider malaise. In 2014-15 the federal education budget, announced on June 3rd has been lessened by over Rs 1billion if we consider the inflation, it is astonishing to know that the education budget has been dwindled by 11 per cent to what was already on the low side in yesteryears. Knowing these facts, it is difficult to understand, how can our authorities will educate children's of the enemy while our own children’s are seriously deprived of quality and affordable education.
Health facilities are also a big problem nation is facing. Govt. spends 0.42pc of its GDP on health care services as compared to 0.69pc year 2014, MITHI: Outbreak of water Borne and Food shortage diseases claimed the lives of more than 140 children in January and government failed to offer medical facilities in Thar, rather shamelessly government issued directing the people of Thar to bring the children to Government Nizamia General Hospital, Hyderabad for treatment. Nobody can forget what happened last Ramadan in Karachi, where heat wave struck the coastal city, and serious water and electricity shortage with no health facilities took hundreds of lives, and the dengue chaos in Punjab! Rural Health Centre's (RHCs) across the country are unable to cater fully to those who do not have access to medical facilities, as they lack the staff and essential medical equipment while their physical infrastructure is also in deplorable condition. Malnutrition, lack of health care facilities has pushed more people towards death than terrorism, but no NAP nor any amendment made to counter such situation, rather Innocent children of Thar paying the price of the government's negligence with their lives in the desert region of Sindh. While center and the province are blaming each other for it.
Energy-starved nation, her economy battered by chronic fuel and scarcity of electricity, may soon have to be grappled with  another resource crisis: major water shortages, the Pakistani government appraised few weeks back. Mismanagement has steered to a frighteningly fast depletion of Pakistan's water and electric supply. On the other hand, in an interview, Mr. Khwaja M.Asif said the government had started to bring the electricity crisis under control, and predicted a return to a normal supply by 2017 and almost similar was said by the premire, but year was different this time!(2018). Energy experts are not much sanguine that such a turnaround is achievable, electricity crisis regularly causing blackouts of 10 hours a day even in major cities. Now the country's water supply brews as a resource challenge, aggravated by Pakistan's enduring infrastructure and administration problems. Terrorism is not the cause of such administrative and mismanagement problems  which has deprived the common public from basic necessities.
Privatization processes cause huge corruption, asset stripping, monopoly creation, increased inequality, cronyism and losses of consumer and employee welfare. Despite of that, govt. is desperate for privatizing her valuable asset just because, IMF is not pleased with Pakistan's inability to meet loan conditions related to privatization. Production at the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) has dropped to zero this fiscal year, in spite of the availability of raw material, as low gas pressure continues to bite. In a country where gas wells are found while digging water wells, a country that owns one of the largest natural gas reserves, low gas pressures or no gas is simply unacceptable. It is  govt. led terrorism, that deliberately depleting the productivity of the most valuable asset of our country just to privatize PSM along with PIA, leaving our economy more dependent to foreign loans. Which has burdened the public pockets to unbearable levels.
The current taxation system has smothered economic upswing. This unfair and arbitrary tax system is depositing an unbearable burden on the people. Budgets are never poor-friendly and failed to impose taxes on the opulent class because of the nature of this man-made capitalist system which only safeguards the interest of the elite's. According to a new report, global inequality is growing, with half the world's wealth is now in the hands of just 1% of the population. And due to this system, the gap between rich and poor is widening. After snatching  hefty indirect taxes from mostly middle and lower middle class, instead of government spending these taxes to offer free or subsidized education and health facilities, clean drinking water facility, employment generating programmes and low-cost housing schemes! The majority of tax money goes back to IMF. In the context, recently IMF enjoined  Pakistan to cut in development spending for meeting fiscal target. This is not caused by terrorism as well.
In spite being within top ten producers of grains, milk, cattels in the world, and adequate producer of wheat, rice, cotton and fruits, enough to fulfill the need of our people, majority of the nation is now deprived of affordable, good quality food, neither there are enough resources provided by the system to raise the standard income of a person. Despite the country has a cumulative stock of 5.013 million tonnes as compared to 2.236 million tonnes last year, majority people are suffering malnutritional problems and food deprived are commiting suicide. The situation is dire-strait, this either is not because of terrorism rather it is the cause of this rotten capitalist system. Which made authorities to stored huge amount of wheat piles in godowns, but are not willing to distribute it for free even if people are dying.
The above discussed problems are just an intro, which are directly affecting daily affair of our nation, despite all the other problems the only mantra we are hearing from authorities and under pressure media  is terrorism, terrorist, sympathizers, etc. All the problems, including terrorism are the products of this system which forced us to carry out US inclined foreign policy at the cost of neglecting all the other serious problems that pushed us almost on the edge of the danger zone. We need to understand that from aiding Indonesian genocide in (1965-66), to aiding Latein American authoritarian govt, from invading Vietnam, Iraq to Afghanistan! The list goes on, US either involved in genocide physically or by means of aiding, to meet her foreign policy goals by hook or crook. In fact, there is more in common between regimes implementing US foreign policies and terrorist groups, than there is between terrorist groups and peaceful  political parties. Unlike terrorism, policies of neglecting basic needs are affecting society as a whole, followed by our economy, culture and even morals. 
A sincere visionary leadership can still steer the ship by avoiding dependent foreign and local policies and can make use of huge revenues to fulfill all the obligations of the state, ending up  military dependency on colonial and other powers, invest in R&D to boost public sector and ease the nation rather just throwing balls at each other. Just imagine a proper mechanism of zakat on industries and khiraj on agriculture will surely stop the hundreds of unbearable taxes, and this will end the need to take loans from colonialist tools IMF or WB, that currently causing beguile huge debt servicing that is eating up one-third of the expenses of the country.
To achieve above-mentioned prospect, we need to get rid of this man-made system and return to the system from heaven, which rules successfully over three continents with complete harmony among the people living under the Islamic system regardless of their race or religion.

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