Knowing India or Hating India: Make a Choice, feat. James Bond

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Blog on Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Mr. Bond maybe the best in Her Majesty's Service and the best agent the world has ever seen. The novels and filmography has made James Bond, the single most popular character in the world. He is the well-sung hero of the Cold War and has "Saved the World" many times. Unfortunately, there was only one time in history when James Bond was deceived and that happened recently. The credit goes to India for deceiving a man who has always dodged everyone with his exceptional intelligent abilities along with the gadgets he had. Mr. Reportedly, Mr. Bond is not only disappointed but also has expressed his regrets regarding the Indians.

Pierce Brosnan, one of my favorite James Bond. Even thoughSir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore are the best. Mr. Brosnan has beenadvocating in the favor of health and environment all his life. 007 hasrecently shown distress and disappointment over the deceptive use of his imageby the Indians. They made him pose for a pan masala while telling him that itwas a breath-freshener. Now, his billboards holding that pan masala aredisplayed all across India and the Indians have got exactly what they wantedfrom 007.

Deception is one of the techniques ofChankya [4th Century BCE]. Indians are all about the Chankya Doctrine &Nehru revived it after nearly 2500 years. Also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupt,the man is the Ideological Father of India. The Diplomatic Enclave of New Delhiis named "Chankyapuri" to honor the legendary devil who taughtIndians to use their women as a "Diplomatic Weapon" against theenemy.


He is often termed as the pioneer in Political Sciences andEconomics in India. The genius devil was an adviser to Chandragupta Maurya andhelped him establish a long lasting Mauryan Dynasty. Despite my philosophicaldifferences about his teachings and political ideology, I admire hisexceptional genius.


Almost every student of Political Science &International Relations knows him well but those who don't know who he was,just know that he was the chief architect of the Indian administratingpolicies. He once said "a person should not be too honest." Indianshave been using Bollywood as a diplomatic weapons because he taught them to doso. "The world's biggest power is the beauty of a young woman." hesaid.

Sun Tzu rightly said "Know thy self, Know thyenemy." Unfortunately we know neither. Hating India is one thing butknowing India is more important than hating because if India truly is ourenemy, then we need to have a better understanding of the enemy. Hating Indiawon't get us anywhere but knowing India might as well help us get somewhere.

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