Protesters stage sit-in outside Bangladeshi consulate in Karachi

Source:  The News Published in Law & Order on Monday, March 21, 2016

KARACHI: Dozens of protesters on Monday staged a sit-in outside the Bangladeshi consulate against what they said Hasina Wajid's decision to conduct symbolic hanging of former Pakistan army personnel on Pakistan Day.

The protest was organized by Pakistan Muslim Allowance party and was attended by members of civil society and NGOs.

The protesters staged the sit-in after Bangladeshi diplomat refused to receive a memorandum they had intended to hand him.

Nadeem Sheikh, a senior lawyer, told media the protest was launched against Prime Minister Hasina Wajid's decision of hanging Pakistan army personnel symbolically. “She has announced to hang 200 soldiers on Pakistan Day,” he claimed.

Hasina Wajid’s government has executed many politicians who sided with the Pakistan army during the war of 1971. The hangings drew strong criticism from international community.