Qaim orders action against suspected RAW agents, illegal immigrants

Source: Published in Politics on Thursday, March 31, 2016

KARACHI: Reiterating that the maintenance of law and order in Sindh was his government’s top priority, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah said on Wednesday that the country was passing through a very sensitive phase of its history, particularly after the arrest of a RAW agent in Balochistan and his disclosures that his agents were operating in Karachi.

He also ordered launch of a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The chief minister, who was presiding over a meeting on law and order in the province at CM House, said his government was faced with three different issues: the arrest of the RAW official in Balochistan and his disclosures of RAW presence in Karachi, the overall law and order situation, and the sit-in at the Numaish intersection. “These issues are important and there should be a clear-cut policy and strategy to handle them,” he said.

The meeting was informed that different agencies had arrested a number of India-trained criminals. The RAW official arrested in Balochistan might have links with them and have operated in Karachi through some of them. The chief minister directed the agencies concerned to work on those lines so that the suspected RAW network in the province, particularly in Karachi, could be smashed.

The meeting also pointed out that after the RAW official’s arrest the presence of Indian spies in Karachi could not be ruled out. Therefore, necessary measures had been taken to further strengthen the intelligence network. It was also pointed out that the sit-in at the Numaish intersection had disturbed traffic almost in the whole city. The security of the people at the sit-in was also a big question in such a situation when a key agent of an enemy country had been arrested.

The CM said he was leading a political government and wanted that contentious matters “should be handled with dialogue. I am not in favour of using force.” The CM pointed out that incidents of kidnapping for ransom and short-term kidnappings had started emerging again.

Rangers DG Major General Bilal Akbar also briefed the meeting on the ongoing operation against terrorists in the city and recalled that there was close coordination among all the agencies. He said he had solid data of the criminals working for RAW and other terrorists in Karachi and other parts of the province.

The agencies’ representatives pointed out that an operation against terrorists had been launched in Ranjapur, Punjab, therefore they could come down to the katcha area of Sindh. They suggested that the borders be sealed.

The CM directed the chief secretary and the IGP to coordinate with the Punjab authorities and share necessary information with them. 

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