Angry Younis Refused to Sign the Central Contract

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Sports on Sunday, June 8, 2014

An official close Younis Khan has said that his demotion in the to the B category has made him very angry as he has refused to sign it.

The cool headed Younis Khan has expressed his anger and has decided to play for the national team without a central contract as he feels humiliated on including him in the B category.

The committee based on Moin Khan, Zakir Khan and Mohammad Akram distributed the players that are given the central contracts in four categories.

According to some reports, Najam Sethi had already warned the committee that their decision of giving YK a B category contract would backfire.

But, the committee stuck to their decision and said that the B category contract is justified for the former captain according to the new criteria.

The reaction from the cricket experts and even from some of the current junior and senior players have been so strong that some of them have decided not to sign the central contracts in support of Younis Khan.

A senior player told that Younis has always been a warrior for the national side and his contribution in Pakistan cricket cannot be overlooked.

According to some of the current players, Younis deserves the A category contract even though he is playing only the test cricket. Giving YK the B category contract is like insulting him.

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