More shocking details of Bhola’s revelations surface

Source:  Samaa Published in Terrorism on Saturday, December 24, 2016

KARACHI: Abdul Rehman alias Bhola, the key suspect of Baldia factory arson pleaded guilty by confessing his involvement in stoking massive conflagration that charred over 250 human beings. Some more details of his statement came to the fore on Saturday.

Besides Hammad Siddiqui, several other office-bearers of the party have been found out to be involved in the case of Baldia factory fire, the statement said.

Bhola said Hammad Siddiqui assured that members of the Parliament will hold a camp for the victims of Baldia Town factory fire.

He said it was Rauf Siddiqui who pressured to get a case lodged against the factory owners.

The statement noted Hammad Siddiqui was all in rage when he was told that factory owners said they cannot give a penny more than one crore rupees.

In his wrath, Hammad Siddiqui ordered to put factory on fire. “After setting the factory ablaze, I telephoned him that job’s been done,” Bhola confessed and was seen breaking into crying.

Hammad Siddiqui and Rauf Siddiqui elicited Rs.4 to Rs.5 crore. –SAMAA