SC demands ‘make or break’ evidences from Hussain counsel

Source:  Samaa Published in Current Affairs on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan demanded the evidence validating Hussain Nawaz as the beneficial owner of offshore companies, as the judges said these documents will ‘make or break’ the case.

Meantime, the five-judge larger bench headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa summoned the transcript of Hussain Nawaz’s interview dated January 19.

Salman Akram Raja submitted before the bench that Nawaz Sharif has nothing to do with London flats as Hussain Nawaz is the real owner. On this, the court demanded him to submit the evidence to prove Hussain as the beneficial owner of offshore companies.

Judges further said, “Show us the original documents. There is no need to be scared as these documents will either make your case or break it.”

The judges said each bit of the letters from Qatari prince is in their minds and the letters do not mention that shares were transferred by Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani.

The bench questioned, “Were the affairs between Mian Sharif and Qatari family were settled vocally? Is there no documents to this effect?”

“Why were four flats purchased for two students –Hussain and Hassan?” the judges queried.

The record of companies and bear certificates must exist somewhere, the judges said asking, “Who will the owner contact if his bearer’s certificates are lost?”

Earlier this morning, the apex court resumed hearing of Panama Papers case.

He said all record of Sharif family had been usurped in 1999; hence, it is not possible for Sharif family to produce record spanning over last 45 years.

“If my client is guilty, the onus to prove it is on the petitioner,” Raja said.

It should be mentioned here that the hearing of the landmark case was postponed due to ailment of Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh.  –SAMAA