Caretaker PM’s name to be announced on May 15: Shah

Source:  ARY News Published in Current Affairs on Friday, May 11, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah on Friday evolved a consensus on the name of a caretaker prime minister which would be announced on May 15.

Talking to media, Shah refused to reveal the name and said that the announcement will be made on May 15. “The interim PM’s name will be acceptable to all,” claimed Shah.

“The name of caretaker PM is secure in my heart. I will not tell it to media no matter how many time they ask it,” insisted Shah.

In a previous meeting between PM Abbasi and Shah, names of former finance minister Dr Hafeez Pasha, former chief justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani and former governors of State Bank Dr Shamshad and Ishrat Hussain were taken under consideration.

Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had mooted three names for the caretaker prime minister.

The PTI has mooted three names, which are; former commerce minister Abdul Razzaq Dawood, former chief justice of Pakistan Tasadduq Jilani and former governor State Bank Dr. Ishrat Hussain.

Abdul Razzaq Dawood served as commerce minister during Musharraf regime. He continued as the minister from 1999 to 2002.

While, Mr. Jillani served as the 21st Chief Justice of Pakistan from 12 December 2013 to 5 July 2014. Dr. Ishrat Hussain was the State Bank governor from 1999 to 2006. In 2013, Pakistan People’s Party had also proposed Ishrat Hussain as caretaker PM but the PML-N rejected the proposal.

In an interview last month, PM Abbasi had said the caretaker premier should be such a person, who remains undisputed and non-controversial, and whose past is clear.

Mr. Abbasi said there was no logic in delaying the upcoming elections as any holdup in that regard would be dangerous for Pakistan.

He said he had no favourite for the slot.