ECP bars Imran Khan from using ‘foul’ language during election campaign

Source:  ARY News Published in Politics on Thursday, July 19, 2018

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday warned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan against using inappropriate language for his political opponents during electioneering.

The ECP took a suo moto notice after Imran Khan used the term ‘donkey’ for PML-N members who were going to receive Nawaz Sharif at the airport on the eve of his arrival.

“And whoever will go to receive him will be a donkey (fool),” PTI chief had said. The remarks of Imran instigated a trade of barbs between the members of PML-N and PTI.

Following a series of incendiary exchange of words, the ECP summoned Imran Khan today but he couldn’t appear owing to his ongoing busy election campaign.

Babar Awan, Imran’s legal counsel appeared before the commission and explained that the word ‘donkey’ is a commonly used term, “even it is used by teachers in the classrooms.”

Nevertheless, the ECP being discontented with Babar’s explanation directed Imran to refrain from the use of unseemly language for his political rivals.

To which, Babar submitted a written assurance on behalf of Imran vowing to abide by ECP’s instructions.

Babar also played the video clips of PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq hurling improper words for Imran Khan.

The commission later adjourned the hearing until after the July 25 general elections, during this period the ECP will monitor Khan’s speeches to keep a check whether he adheres to the code of conduct.