Yasir Shah Excluding a big mistake: Ramiz Raja

Source:  Dawn.com Published in Current Affairs on Monday, March 16, 2015

Former Test cricketer Ramiz Raja said Pakistan made a big mistake by not including Sarfraz Ahmed in the initial matches and now they are doing the same with Yasir Shah.

“They should have played Sarfraz Ahmed a while ago,” he told BBC Urdu.

Raja said in the match against Australia if Sarfraz can play a big innings then Pakistan will benefit greatly.

“I am disappointed with team management for including leg spinner Yasir Shah in the match against India but not in other matches,” he said, adding that Yasir Shah takes wickets and such a bowler is needed.

The former cricketer argued that the team should have played Shah against Ireland, as Irish batsmen are weak against spinners.

Raja pressed Pakistan to include Shah in the team in the quarter-finals against Australia.

“If you do not use a leg spinner in a match against Australia then when will you use him,”? he said.

He was of the view that Pakistan reached the quarter-finals after taking an unnecessary pressure; they could have won against West Indies and wouldn’t have had to face Australia.

However, adds Raja, pressure in Adelaide will be on the host team.

“It’s Australia’s home ground. It’s tough for Pakistan but the pressure will be on Australia,” he said. “Teams are scared of Pakistan’s bowling.”

Raja said that if Pakistani batsmen could face Michael Stark, they can score well in the next 40 overs.

‘Pulling out Younis Khan unfair’

The cricketer-turned-commentator also feels that not having Younis Khan against Ireland was unfair.

“If a senior player is not selected then he should understand it is the end of his career,” he said. “Pakistan needs him in Test but one day he needs to decide for himself.”

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