Najam Sethi requests JC to probe Imran’s allegations against him

Source:  The News Published in Politics on Friday, April 10, 2015

LAHORE: Najam Sethi has written a letter to the Judicial Commission urging it to probe Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s allegations against him.

Imran Khan had accused Najam Sethi of rigging when he was serving as the caretaker chief minister of Punjab. The former caretaker CM has also expressed his willingness to appear before the commission whenever he is called.

Mr Sethi in a letter to the JC Chairman Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk wrote of informing the commission of some truths which would help in achieving concrete results.

Mr Sethi said he was appointed as the caretaker CM constitutionally, there was no opposition to his appointment and all parities taking part in the election had expressed their confidence in him.

Najam Sethi further said he had met PTI Chairman Imran Khan at Bani Gala shortly after being appointed the caretaker CM. On the PTI chairman’s request Chief Secretary KP Javed Iqbal was appointed Chief Secretary Punjab instead of the Election Commission nominated Chaudhry Zaman.

Najam Sethi added that all steps were taken in accordance with the constitution and till election day no objections were raised by any party or candidate. According to Mr Sethi the bureaucracy was changed from top to bottom to ensure free and fair elections.

Sethi states that one year after the election Imran Khan accused him of rigging, ran the ‘35 punctures’ campaign to defame him while no proof of this was provided on any forum.

Najam Sethi also said he filed a defamation case against Imran Khan but the PTI chairman did not appear in court.

In the letter Sethi states that accusations of rigging had damaged his reputation and involved him in many political conflicts.

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