Mazari says dissolved tribunal has no locus standi anymore

Source: Published in Politics on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari has asked the media not to delve into the issue related to its two-member election tribunal headed by Justice retired Wajihuddin Ahmed.

In a statement, she said on Tuesday: “The two-man election tribunal notified by the Chairman PTI to probe petitions relating specifically to the 2013 Intra-Party Elections stood dissolved by the Chairman, but, it’s unfortunate that the media continues to delve into the issue as it had completed its task of looking into the intra-party complaints — the only specific function for which it was formed.”

She said the chairman of the tribunal, whom the entire party held in utmost respect, “has become confused between PTI a political party and the courts of the state! As a result he has opened himself to all the renegades, ex-members with their insidious agendas and the generally disaffected souls who have been inactive in the party for a long period of time, to vent against the party leadership and have a catharsis at the cost of the party’s welfare.”

This was an untenable position, she said.

Ms Mazari said the media should understand that the dissolved election tribunal had no locus standi within the PTI anymore and it should refrain from indulging in it.

A source said Justice Ahmad insisted that he remained chairman of the tribunal until and unless the actions it had taken in response to petitions were completed and the tribunal continued to hold its meetings.

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