Younis wants to be the first to score 10,000 Test runs

Source:  Samaa Published in Sports on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Test Batsman Younis Khan wants to be the first Pakistani to score 10,000 Test runs saying he desires to be a role model for the nation.

Younis Khan said his vision is to do something for Pakistan and that is why he wants to be the first Pakistani to score 10,000 Test runs. “We have many players who have scored 8,000 runs but no one has scored more than that and I want to do that,” quoted him as saying.

Younis said whatever he is today is all because of his family. “All the credit goes to my Parents for way they have raised me and provided me whatever I needed and demanded,” he said.

Younis said he never wanted anything for himself. “I have always wanted to perform for my country,” he said.

Younis said Pakistan won World Cup in 1992 and then in 2009 we won the World T20 Championship at Lords under my leadership and I had a 50+ average in that tournament. “In 2009 during World T20 Championship we had a very young team without any big names in it but still we managed to win it because of hard work,” he said.

Younis said he becomes dejected when he and his colleagues are not appreciated enough on their performance. “I want to do something big for Pakistan after my retirement,” he said adding we don’t have enough role models in Pakistan and I want to be one.

Younis said his family has seen tragic deaths in recent past and all these tragedies occurred whenever he was on tour. “My very young nephew died in 2014 when I was in Sri Lanka and I had to return to Pakistan after representing Pakistan in only 1 ODI match and afterwards I was dropped from my ODI series against Australia. That was very disheartening as I wanted to end my ODI career on a high as I did with my T20I career,” he said.

Younis said being dropped from ODI series against Australia was a blessing in disguise for him as it motivated him to score big against Australia in Test matches. “I have always been grateful to Almighty God who has given me strength and this life,” he said.

Younis said former coach Bob Woolmer was like a father to him. “He was my Coach during 2003 to 2007 period and his death was a tragic incident not only for me but also for Pakistan Cricket,” he said.

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