“I don't think Sethi had the authority to make long-term appointments,” Said Miandad

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Sports on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Javed Miandad told media that the appointments that Najam Sethi is making his tenure are against the constitution of the PCB.

Miandad said that Najam Sethi was appointed for a short period of four months so that he could undergo an election for the Chairman and supervise the procedure.

The superstar batsman said that how can Sethi sign officials on a contract of as long as two years as he himself was appointed just for a shorter period of time. He (Najam Sethi) does not have the authority to make such long term decisions.

The legendary batsman clarified that he is not giving this statement on any personal liking or disliking, but, in the interest of Pakistan’s cricket.

Miandad further suggested that Sethi should have just wait and see instead of making such crucial appointments, especially for such long periods of time.

Miandad said that the decisions Sethi is making can b echallenged in the court of law. These kinds of appointments can hurt Pakistan cricket quite brutally.

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