Ajmal faces action after accusing ICC of double standards

Source:  Dawn.com Published in Sports on Friday, November 6, 2015

Pakistan’s ace right-arm off spinner Saeed Ajmal is facing disciplinary action after criticising the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) “attitude towards illegal bowling actions”, ESPNcricinfo reported.

Ajmal accused the ICC of double-standards and claimed that off-spinners were being unfairly targeted in the wake of implementing regulations on bowlers with illegal bowling actions.

The 38-year-old spinner said that players from Pakistan are “more likely to be reported than those from other [countries]”. Ajmal, moreover, criticised the bowling action of India’s Harbhajan Singh.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was quick in responding to Ajmal’s statements and issued him a notice. It is also possible that legal action could follow from Harbhajan, who has successfully remodeled his action after being reported twice, cricinfo.com stated.

“Why just target the off-spinners?” Ajmal, who last played a Test for Pakistan in August 2014, was quoted as saying in an interview with Geo Super. “Why not the left-arm spinners, leg spinners or fast bowlers?

“I can tell you that I have been through this bowling assessment process so many times and have watched and studied this issue so closely that I can vouch that if tests were carried out, there would be many other bowlers whose bowling actions would exceed the 15 degrees extension limit.

“I don’t want to take names but there are bowlers, including fast bowlers, who are currently violating the new rules but no one is looking at them.

“If they put Harbhajan Singh through a proper bowling assessment test now, I can safely tell you he will exceed the 15 degrees limit.”

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