People of Pakistan, Bangladesh want to move forward: Nisar

Source:  Samaa Published in Current Affairs on Monday, November 23, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Sunday said that people of Pakistan and Bangladesh wanted to promote brotherly relations and move forward by forgetting bitterness of the past.

But, a group in Bangladesh could not see restoring the atmosphere of brotherhood between people of the two countries, he said in a statement issued here.

“We have the idea that who is behind that group, and what role did it in the incidents of 1970-71,” he added.

Pakistan, the minister said, was very much in the know that which forces were stopping people of the two countries from getting closer to each other, and the conspirator elements behind it.

Being a Pakistani, he said, he had the feelings that whatever was happening in Bangladesh, it was against and in violation of international laws and human rights.

He expressed astonishment that why the world especially international human rights organizations were silent over the ‘murder of justice.’

“I am upset that we could not do anything for those who just had the fault of being loyal to their motherland and supported a legal and constitutional at that time – 45 years back,” he added.

The minister said murder of humanity and revenge to ‘Pakistanism’ should come to an end now. In next meeting of the cabinet, he said, he would again take up the issue so that Bangladesh’s revengeful policies could be contained.

“Hearts of people of Pakistan and Bangladesh beat together and they want to see the two countries closer, no matter whatsoever jealous elements say,” he added.-APP

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