A teenager kills a blasphemy accused man in the premises of police station

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Current Affairs on Saturday, May 17, 2014

SHEIKUPURA : A teenage boy disguised in police uniform kills a blasphemy accused Ahemdi man in the police station.

A man accused of blasphemy who was being held at a police station in the Nankana district was shot dead by a teenager who was disguised in a police uniform. Police officials said that the boy introduced himself as Mubashir and insisted on seeing Khalil (the alleged blasphemer). He was given the requested access but he soon shot Khalil after very brief conversation. DPO Nankana Afzaal Kausar told the reporters that the SHO of the police station and a guard who was deputed for security purpose have been suspended for an indefinite time period. The assailant, 18 years old Saim Mubashir was a hardliner student of some seminary and he was quickly overpowered by the station’s staff who grabbed him. The deceased was a member of Ahemdi community and was accused of blasphemy along with six others.Allegedly they had thrashed a shopkeeper Syed Riaz Hussain Shah and tore an Islamic calendar. The shopkeeper immediately went to the hardliner extremist outfit ASWJ office and narrated the incident. The ASWJ activists blocked the Lahore-Sharqpur highway for nearly five hours. The blockade was only lifted when the police registered a case under Section 295 against six suspects. The police had arrested Khalil but the five other suspects are still at large.