Pakistan will not deploy troops on foreign soil

Source: Published in Current Affairs on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office shared with the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs on Tuesday broad contours of Pakistan’s invo­lvement in the Saudi-led 34-nation counter-terrorism coalition and said it would not entail deployment of troops on a foreign soil.

The committee was given an in-camera briefing by the Foreign Office on the counter-terrorism coalition announced by Saudi Arabia and the diplomatic standoff between Iran and the kingdom which started with the execution of Saudi dissident Sheikh Nimr.

Conversations with members of the committee revealed that Pakistan was looking forward to training security forces of the member countries, providing military hardware and sharing intelligence. Additionally, there are indications that Pakistan would work with Saudi Arabia for developing a narrative that could counter extremist ideology. The two countries will involve their clergies for this purpose.

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