For how long the daughters will be denied justice in this land of pure?

Source:  Pakistan Herald Published in Moral Values on Saturday, October 18, 2014

In Pakistan, due to pressure and threats very few women shows the stoutheartedness to raise their voices for themselves, for justice and for many like them.

“Sometimes right, Sometimes wrong”, “Boys are boys will make the mistake”, “Just for a MINOR crime, you want us to hang the BOY” – these are the replies given by the elders when told about the most odious crime of their boys. Despite of  knowing that their “future” has put hands on someone’s “honor” still say so. They know their boy’s this “minor” crime has costed someone lifetime happiness yet remain clammed up. Instead, they become equal partners in his this odious crime by pressurizing the victims to not to be vocal and to not to knock the doors of the courts. Due to this, the victim remains closemouthed fearing the lives of the loved ones and sometimes for the family’s “honor”.

This is something which happens every day in our country. In fact, happens every hour. Every hour a daughter of Eve becomes a victim of sexual violence but nothing happens. No action. No suo moto. The judges take sou moto when prices of Samoosas are increased. They become Pugnacious when an animal enters the boundaries of the Supreme Court. Fathom and consider it as a “disrespect”. But these same judges remain quiescent when a daughter is raped. Isn’t this too a “disrespect” – for the land?

Moneymaking concern” – This is what said about rape in this country. Some of them state it as a drama to gain fame and glean lucre. Instead of incarcerating the rapist, the victim is questioned. The fingers are pointed towards her. She is asked what she was wearing at that time.  Dress code – does it really matter? Does it really make any difference? Alas, in all these questions, the culprit gets away with it. He remains unpunished and roams freely.

In Pakistan, due to pressure and threats very few women shows the stoutheartedness to raise their voices for themselves, for justice and for many like them. We all know very well what happened to Jehan Meena, Safia Bibi, Mukhtar Mai and Dr Shazia’s cases. Did they get justice? No. Instead, Jehan Meena and Safia Bibi had to face the charges of adultery, got one hundred lashes, five years of imprisonment and a 1000 rupee fine.

This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.

These were the words of Pervez Musharraf who, when as the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was asked about the increasing number of rape cases said so. These were not just his views, but the views of many men of this society who, when a rape case is reported, instead of holding the collar of the culprit, looks down upon the victim.

So, after knowing all this icky fact of this society, why will any victim of sexual violence raise her voice?!

It’s a very bitter truth that in our Judiciary’s history a rapist has never been incarcerated. We do have “women” laws – Women Protection Act 2006, Rape law – but lamentably they are just “Paper laws” because every time they are touched, they fail to provide justice and protection to the women (51% of the population of Pakistan).

While I pen this and reminisce the history of “Rape and Justice” in this land of pure, all I’m thinking of is that 16 years old girl from Faisalabad who has become another victim of this odious crime. And, as usual, those who should be behind the bars right now are free. The Khadmayalah, who used to fly to the one who becomes victim of this odious crime within 24 hours as soon as it’s reported by the media, hasn’t even condemned it yet even after 3 days. And you know why? Because  the culprits are the sons of a legislator of his own party. I’m amazed that even our electronic media is tight lipped. The only one who has condemned is the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Only PEOPLEs party has staged protest and raised voice for that girl.

How long the daughter of Eve will be denied justice in this land of pure?!

How long the daughters of Eve will be pressurized to not to be vocal?!

How long, despite being the victim of this odious crime, the daughters of Eve will be killed in the name of “honor”?

These are the questions whose answers every woman of this country definitely wants to know, but Pakistan and this society have a very long to go to answer this. The actual “change” will come when we will cognizant that there is no “honor” in raping someone’s “honor” and there is no “honor” in killing your “honor” after becoming the victim of this odious crime – rape.


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