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Javed Jabbar is a legend of advertising in Pakistan, a famous politician, ex information minister and an intellectual. He is father of renowned producer Mehreen Jabbar. Javed Jabbar roots can be traced back to Hyderabad, India.Javed Jabbar is a film-maker and writer. He was an elected member of the senate of Paksitan (1985-91) and has served in three federal cabinets (1988-90, 99-2000). He has also been advisor on National Affairs to the Chief Executive of Pakistan (1999-2000). Javed Jabbar was a big name in advertising before he ventured into feature filmmaking with Beyond The Last Mountain. After the commercial failure of that film, he didn't make any other films, and returned to the advertising world. later on he successfully entered politics and government service.

Javed Jabbar has an extensive experience as volunteer head of a member organization of IUCN for over 20 years. As a Chairman of the IUCN Pakistan National Committee for 4 years, Jabbar has helped expand IUCN membership and promoted IUCN’s role in this country.He was a Senator between (1985–91) and acted as a Federal Minister in 3 Cabinets of Pakistan. He has actively supported public policy and programme formulation in environmental fields.He was recipient of a Gold Medal from the Human Rights Society of Pakistan in May 2008 for promoting environmental security. He has written and produced a new film for international cinema 2008: “Ramchand Pakistani” set in an arid ecosystem which won the International Critics Prize from the International Federation of Film Critics, July 2008.In 2004, Jabbar was elected as a Regional Councillor for West Asia and a Vice President of IUCN (2005 - 2008).

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Yasmin haqqi ( Karachi ,Pakistan) Sunday, July 1, 2012 11:52:07 AM (MDT - USA)
Jabbar sahab Beg sahab and found it so heartfelt and touching.you have certainly given us a very comprehensive and complete look on this great personality who brought so much of his knowledge and learning to our tv screens.ive just finished reading your beautiful rememberance of Ubaid ulla

Faysal Aziz Khan ( Karachi,Pakistan) Friday, November 26, 2010 10:25:08 AM (MDT - USA)
قابل احترام اورقابل فخرشخصیت

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