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Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali was born in 1940, at Lahore, Punjab (Pakistan). He hails from a principal Arain landowning family of the Punjab, whose role in politics, in this region, preceeds the British rule in India. The family has a reputation of repelling authority and was instrumental in fighting against the Sikhs and later the British. His uncle Sardar Muhammad Hussain remained member parliement pre and post partition and pioneered the advent of Pakistan Muslim League in Central Punjab, region. His father Sardar Ahmad Ali, who also remained member parliament throughout his career, and Sardar Muhammad Hussain lead regional movements against the Unionist Party which was patronised by the British. The first mammoth public ralley for and on behalf of the Muslim League under, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was held near his ancestral village, Ganja Kalan, at Kasur, Punjab. As a result of the partition, the family lost vast tracts of agricultural land near Satluj river, Kasur. The family is considered as the chief family of the influential Arain clan.

He attended Government College Lahore and St. John’s College, Oxford, where he studied philosophy, economics and politics.Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali is a senior member of Pakistan Peoples Party. He was the foreign minister of Pakistan in the cabinet of Benazir Bhutto during her second tenure as Prime Minister.

Sardar Asif also served as the Minister for Economic Affairs during the 1991-1993 Nawaz Sharif government, but resigned from the cabinet after developing differences with the Prime Minister. His resignation along with those of other members of parliament eventually lead to overthrow of the first Nawaz Sharif government. While serving as the Economic Affairs Minister, Sardar Asif lead numerous delegations of pakistani civil society members and organizations to Russia and cultivated valuable business and diplomatic relationship with various disintegrated States of the former USSR. He was awarded an honorary citizenship of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

As Foreign Minister of Pakistan, He was unanimously elected Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

In 2003 He held a painting exhibition at Lahore where he displayed some of his handdrawn sketches and paintings, which was attended by the then Prime Minister Mir Zafrulah Jamali.

In the recently held general elections, He was returned to the National Assembly, the fifth time after defeating his arch rival, the outgoing foreign minister Barrister Khurshid Mahmood Qasuri.

Sardar Asif has been a strong opponent of dictatorships and opposed the rule of President, General Pervaiz Musharaf and that of General Muhammad Ziaul Haq.

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Muhammad javed from Bhagiwal ( Ellabad.Chunian.kasur,Pakistan) Thursday, August 1, 2013 4:32:36 AM (MDT - USA)
Sardar Asseff Ahmed Ali is noble and very good politican and honerable person. He was elected foriegn ,minister and Fedral Minister for Education and after that he was elected Fedral Minister for Atomic energy of Pakistan. He is an honest man.

Hafiz M S Hashmi ( surrey,United Kingdom) Wednesday, December 28, 2011 3:19:28 AM (MDT - USA)
Assalam o Allykum Sir Asif sab you made very good decion to help the country going in tehreek e insaf help imran khan all patriotic clean leaders should help the country and imran now is the time for change people are fed up from PPP and PMLN i think it is the last chance for Nation to do some thing Imran needs team Qureshi sab Hashmi sab iQsuri sab including yourself work for the tehreek e insaf and contact all clean leaders and inlcude them with you and imran .i am not from tereek e insaf but for the sake of pakistan i su[port imran now just recently i request all pakistani nation think being a pakistani .thank you

mian khudadad ( kangan pur kasur,Pakistan) Friday, December 9, 2011 2:39:28 AM (MDT - USA)
sardar asif ahmad ali is a great politician.i really likes his politics . he is a very honest person he dont tells a lie

muhammad abid ( marda,Pakistan) Monday, May 2, 2011 1:52:17 AM (MDT - USA)
assalam o alaikum sir sir aap ko allah ne bohut si nematon se nawaza student ho ka ...or bht tension me ho k me is mukhtasar si zindagi me apne maa baap k lye kuch kar sakonga ya nahi...aap se requist he k plz meri kuch maali madad karen..plz

Muhammad Amin ( Toronto Canada,Canada) Sunday, August 29, 2010 1:19:27 PM (MDT - USA)
Dear Sarder Asif Ahmed Ali Shahib First of all I say condolance death of your Great [father] Mother Last Ramzam ul Mubril, God Reward her Jennaha [paradize] to you and Sarder Farooq sh, sarder Haroon Sh you wife etc... 2nly Heartliest Congratulation upgrade/augumentation as Education Minister of Pakistan.. God Bless Pak From Muhammad Amin Pak Tel 423 581 0659 333 445 9964 [ farooq ahmad] Also I request in your Hon. please help [ appointment ] my son Farooq Ahmad as Line Supt in LESCO he is qualified as Sub Engineer Diploma in Electrical address Farooq Ahmad, House 1, Karim Street,Karim Park Bank Stop 17 Kms Feroz Pur Road, Post Office Ismail Nagar Lahore PAKISTAN...We are belong from Arain family {Kamal Pura,Ganda singh wala].. I also atten you Banglo in Gulberg,Town Ship time to time attend you election compain in Kasur in HABIB MAHAL CINMA etc.... may be you rember,,, I am also friend of Ex President of America Hon. Bill Clinton if you not trust you can send any person in my home read that Reward or letter Issue from WHITEHOUSE Washington DC USA

Muneer Mirza ( Cleveland, Ohio,United States) Friday, July 2, 2010 3:21:21 PM (MDT - USA)
I do not agree with your stance on bogus degrees. Be a true patriot and stand for justice. How would you feel if your grandchild is denied a job which is taken by a fake degree holder? It does not matter how these matters were handled in the past. Sooner or later truth and justice must prevail. You are in a position of authority and the burden of rendering justice in your department is on your shoulders. If the unscrupulous rulers or judges have committed errors in the past, it should not be an example or excuse for the future. I request you to take a stance based on what is right and just for the sake of our people, humanity and Pakistan. Thank you and Salaam Muneer M. Mirza, D.P.M; Ph.D Cleveland, Ohio

GHULAM HAIDER ( KANGAN PUR,Pakistan) Tuesday, April 13, 2010 10:14:19 AM (MDT - USA)
Respected sir i belong to Kangan Pur that is a remoted area im a student of Phd at Punjab University and have no job at all please help me

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Sardar sahab was good!
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