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Designation: MNA (PPP)
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Pakistan People''s Party

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Syed Akhunzada Chittan

Date of Birth: 20-Jan-68

Place of Birth: Bajour Agency, NWFP

Constituency No: NA-44,Tribal Area-IX

Designation: Member of National Assembly

Father's Name: Syed Ghulam Haider Shah

Political Party: PPP

Main Source of Income: Agriculture

Occupation: Agriculture

Caste: Syed

Religion: Islam

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Hayat Ullah ( Bajaur Agency,Norfolk Island) Friday, September 24, 2010 7:14:52 AM (MDT - USA)
My Dear Brother Sayed Akhunzada Chittan Sahib Assalamu Alaikum. felt very sory to hear the grassive new of your father death dear brother we are all the passanger of the same , therefore we should bear such appearance happily because no one can do nothing in this hapiness. we are toghather participated with you in such great "Ghum" May allah bless him and make easy the comming heard jurney for him. Your brother Hayat Ullah Steno to XEN Highway Division Bajaur Agency

Akhunzada Hussain Shah ( karachi,Pakistan) Tuesday, June 15, 2010 1:51:26 AM (MDT - USA)
Honorable Syed Akhunzada Chittan, Member of National Assembly, Islam Abad Assalam –o- Alikum, I am extremely shocked to hear of sudden death of your cousin who fell prey to terrorism. It is very tragic indeed and I can well imagine the grief and sorrow of his parents and that of your family. He was not only in the prime of his youth but was also a brilliant, hard working and a refined fellow. He was an asset of his family and it is an irreparable loss to the family as well as to the nation. No words of sympathy can console or compensate for the loss. In fact, terrorism is on the increase and it has devoured innumerable innocent young people. It has ruined thousands of families. The most regrettable fact is that the gangsters who have been keeping the flames of terrorism alive are totally unaware of the people pulling the string from behind. They are just being used as toys. They ought to know the ugly designs of the opportunist and selfish politicians who intend to hit at the roots of the country. I can only pray for the deceased. May god rest his soul in peace and give you the courage to bear the loss with patience. We should all pray for the well being and safety of the entire youth community who is at the razor’s edge in the current situation Yours Sincerely Hussain Shah Akhund Reference: You may don’t know that I was student of Degree College Khar Bajour Agency during the season of 1991-1993, I have passed the Inter Examination from Degree College Khar Bajour Agency and I was belonging to people Party. Khan Zaib was the President of the people students Federation of Bajaur Agency and Aurang Zaib Inqilabi wastheGeneral Secretary but unfortunately we have migrated from Bajaur to Karachi and now we had been living in Karachi for long time and for some time going and coming to village but our residence in Karachi and belong to noble family of Akhunzadgon of Tangi ,Charmang ,Bajour ,Agency. I am close relative of Khan Zareen Khan and Akunzada Khai ru Rahman of Peshawar. Khanzareen was living in

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