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About Alamgir Welfare Trust International  Alamgir Welfare Trust International (AWT) has been providing social welfare services in Pakistan since 1993.  Majority of the funds are utilized in health sector. AWT initiated its services by collecting left-over food from local marriage halls and distributing it amongst over 500 needy people every day. It is still a part of their regular services.  In segments of ration & food distribution, Sadqa/Aqeeqa Bakras are available for Rs.2,200/- and Sadqa Bakrees are available for Rs.1,400/-. The 45,000 Kgs. of meat/month from this service is distributed in jails, hospitals, madaris, poor students, orphanages, and poor population. More than 5000 packets of food are provided to jails, madaris, highways and others during Ramzan-ul-Mubarak. (Cost of each packet = Rs.40/-)  Necessities of life are provided to poor and orphan girls for marriage (dowry). Course Books are provided to deserving students. Monthly ration is provided to low-income households. Ghusl of Mayyat (no charge), coffin, burial, Mayyat bus are made available 24 hours. Hujjaj and people traveling for Umra are provided with items of need (ahram, slippers, books, etc.) and given training classes. Blankets are distributed during winter.

Assets of Alamgir Welfare Trust International AWT has its own health care centre namely Alamgir Health Care Centre where OPD ranges to 500 patients. All patients are treated free of cost from Zakat fund. Leading private hospitals are on their panel. Patients needing hospitalization, investigation or surgery are referred to these hospitals where they get complete medical health free of cost. Almost 500 patients are treated and provided free medicines daily in the O.P.D. of the Alamgir Health Care Centre. Ambulance services are also provided for transfers of patients.


  1. Health Care Services

  2. Sadqa Bakra Service

  3. Zakat Collection

  4. Hajj Assistance Services  

  5. Joint Qurbani Service

  6. Ramzan Aftaar Service

  7. Funeral Services

  8. Jahaiz Fund (Dowry for Poor Orphan Girls) 

FOCUS AREAS Health Care Services AWT operates Alamgir Health Care Centre, Alamgir Road, Karachi. This centre was built with donations from people like you. Alamgir Health Care Centre provides the following Health Services:

  • O.P.D.

  • Dialysis (Rashidiya Dialysis Center)

  • Treatment of burnt patients

  • Cardiac Emergency Ward (Under Construction)

  • Diagnostic Unit

  • Treatment of patients bit by a dog

  • Hemophilia Treatment

  • Mobile Physio-Therapy Unit

  • Ambulance Services

Sadqa Bakra Service

You can give Sadqa for your life & property by sacrificing a Bakree, Bakra, Cow or a Hen. In general, people face a lot of problems in this respect. Purchasing the animal, transporting it, arranging a butcher and distributing the meat are all part of this lengthy process.  Above mentioned services vide are provided by the Sadqa Bakra Service. AWT distribute the meat directly to Madaris, Orphanages, Hospitals & Needy ones.

Zakat Collection You can pay Zakat to AWT online as well.

Hajj Assistance Services

Service provided to Hajj Pilgrims

  • Ehram with slippers, travel prayer mat, tasbeeh for tawaf, pouch for stones, ehram belt, and other related material.

  • Blood group testing (for Rs.10/-) by qualified staff of Alamgir Health Care Centre (This test is required before going to Haji Camp).

  • Books, Audio Cassettes and Brochures for Hajj and Umra.

Pilgrims will perform Qurbani in Mina; also offer services to perform Qurbani for families of the Pilgrims in Karachi.

Joint Qurbani Service

Joint Qurbani is arranged on Eid-ul-Azha. Meat donated by people from this qurbani and the meat donated from homes, which is in thousands of kilograms, is distributed among Madaris, Orphanages and Poor Population.

Ramzan Aftaar ServiceIn the holy month of Ramadan,Through Alamgir Welfare Trust International, Muslims provide Iftar and food boxes to their less fortunate and needy brethren on daily basis. Funeral Services

Coffin, Burial and Mayyat Bus Services

  • Ghusl for Mayyat, Coffin, Burial, Mayyat Bus (Booked through other organizations) Services.

  • AWT are in process of arranging their own Mayyat Buses. Need donations in this respect

Jahaiz Fund (Dowry for Poor Orphan Girls)AWT does not advocate the tradition of giving Jahaiz, but provide this service because it has become a social requirement these days. Many girls do not get married due to lack of Jahaiz.They do not provide any monetary aid; but provide items of need.You can also Donate online for Jahaiz Fund

DONATIONS Multiple ways to Donate

Donate Online: AWT Electronic Donation SystemBank wire Transfer Cash Donations at AWT Office

Contact Alamgir Welfare Trust International (AWT) Pakistan  Alamgir Welfare Trust International  Alamgir Mosque, Alamgir Road Bahadurabad, Karachi. Ph+92 (21) 111153153 / 4852060 / 4852055 Fax: +92 (21) 4929343  Email: Web Links for more Info:

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