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General (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg, NI(M), SBt, afwc, psc born 2 August, 1931.Mirza Aslam Beg was born in Muslimpatti a small village in the district of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.was the Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army succeeding General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, after the latter died in the air crash on August 17, 1988. He continued to hold the powerful post of Army Chief till 1991, when his political ambitions forced the then president Ghulam Ishaq Khan to nominate General Asif Nawaz as the new Army chief three months prior to Gen Beg’s retirement.

Chief of Army Staff

General Beg was commissioned in the 6th PMA Long Course in the Infantry's Baloch Regiment on 23 August, 1952. As a Major, Beg commanded an SSG company in 1960 to remove the Nawab of Dir in Chitral in the northern part of NWFP.Later in his career, he served as the Chief of General Staff (CGS) of the Pakistan Army during the 1984 Operation Meghdoot.[3] After serving as CGS for five years, both as major general and lieutenant geneal, later, he was given the command of the XI Corps at Peshawar from 1985 to 1987.By March 1987, Beg was promoted to four-star general and took over as Vice Chief of Army Staff in General Zia-ul-Haq's military administration. After Zia's death in a plane crash on 17 August, 1988, Beg was Army chief. Soon thereafter, general elections followed, resulting in a transfer of government to the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) with Benazir Bhutto as the premier. Beg, however, remained a powerful chief of army staff until 1991, when he was replaced by General Asif Nawaz. He retired from army on 16 August, 1991 after completing 39 years of military service.

Controversies :

Mehran Bank scandal,Nuclear Proliferation with Iran,Accusation of role in Zia's death and Playing politics as the Army chief.

Relations with President Musharraf

President General Pervez Musharraf served under both Beg and Gul, and apparently had high respect for them, but after September 11, 2001, they gradually drifted apart. Their differences surfaced for the first time when in a press conference Musharraf spoke about the negative role of a few generals and called them "pseudo-intellectuals."Later in January 2008, General Aslam Beg being part of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society urged President Musharraf to voluntarily step down in the greater interests of Pakistan.

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Shamsul Islam Khan ( London,United Kingdom) Tuesday, May 3, 2011 2:05:25 AM (MDT - USA)
کل اے آر وائ پر جنرل صاحب کے خیالات سننے کا اتفاق ہوا بہت خوشی ہوئی۔امریکہ کی اس اندھی جنگ میں ہمارا مستقل حصہ لینا تباہی کا باعث بن رہا ہے ۔اور فوج کو عوام سے متنفر کرنے اور دنیائے اسلام کی واحد منظم فوج کو تباہ کرنے اور مورال گرانے کا باعث بن رہا ہے ۔یہ ریٹاءرڈ فوجیوں کا فرض ہے کہ فوج جی پوزیشن واضح کریں۔جیسا کہ جنرل صاھب نے کی کہ بھائی یہ سارا المیہ ہماری حکومت کا پیدا کردہ ہے فوج اگر ایک بندوق ہے تو اس کے ٹریگر پر حکومت بیٹھی ہے ۔فوج حکومت کے حکم پر سارے کام کرتی ہے۔

Mohammad Arif ( Melbourne,Australia) Saturday, January 8, 2011 6:28:49 PM (MDT - USA)
Please include my email address on your mailing list. I would be grateful if you fwd me your latest research papers and articles on regular basis. I was with you in Liaqat. Mohammad Arif. My Dear Gen Beg

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