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Tasneem M. Noorani, the founder of TNA is a seasoned bureaucrat possessing varied experience in the fields of Trade and Commerce, Industries, Social Sector Development, Education, National Security and Corporate Management. Mr. Noorani has held the highest level policy making assignments in the Government of Pakistan as Federal Secretary of Commerce and Industry during which he was responsible for formulating the country's trade and industry policies. On national security Mr. Noorani has been responsible for security related matters and policy making for Pakistan as Federal Secretary of Interior. He managed the country's internal security during the sensitive post 9/11 period.

He also has vast experience in corporate management. He has held positions such as M.D Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation, Director of State Cement Corporation of Pakistan and General Manager Punjab Industrial Development Board at various times. Mr. Noorani is an MBA with specialization in Finance from the Iran Center for Management Studies – Tehran, an institute that was sponsored and managed by the Harvard Business School. Mr. Noorani is widely traveled and has experience of International trade negotiation both bilaterally and multilaterally at the WTO and EU. He has also headed the Pakistan Embassy in Singapore.

The following is the brief listing of the posts Mr. Noorani has held:
Federal Secretary, Ministry of Commerce - Government of Pakistan
Federal Secretary, Ministry of Interior - Government of Pakistan
Federal Secretary, Ministry of Industries and Production - Government of Pakistan
Deputy Secretary, Finance Department - Government of Punjab

Charge the Affairs & Trade Commissioner, Pakistan Embassy - Singapore

Secretary, Planning and Development Department - Government of Punjab
Chairman, Punjab Liquidation Board - Government of Punjab
Director Civil Services Academy - Government of Punjab
Secretary, Education Department - Government of Punjab

Managing Director, Punjab Mineral Development Corporation
General Manager, Punjab Industrial Development Board
Director Finance, State Cement Corporation of Pakistan - Government of Pakistan

Commissioner - Faisalabad Division - Government of Punjab
Deputy Commissioner, Dera Ghazi Khan - Government of Punjab
Assistant Commissioner Bhalwal, Chunian and Shakargarh

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irfan muzaffar ( faisalabad,Pakistan) Monday, May 16, 2011 4:05:54 PM (MDT - USA)
i first interdused mr tasneem noorani wen he was commesnor of faisalabad,he done a wonderfull job as an admnistator and true reformer. his master plan for the city is sttil a land mark for devalopment of our city. i personl found him a true honest and dessison maker juntelman.

Imran Anwar ( Lahore,Pakistan) Saturday, October 16, 2010 8:44:28 AM (MDT - USA)
Dear Sir: I regret to inform you that LTC management is engaged in blatant corruption right under your nose. We recently submitted our bid for a tender and were asked to pay 15% commission to the management. It was made clear to us that despite being the lowest bidder our bid will be rejected on some pretext or the other and we shall not be awarded the work. And viola!!!! it happened exactly that way. The management held our 5% bid security for more than a month during which bizarre objection were raised and all kind of documents were asked for. Ultimately, despite furnishing all documents, the contract is being retendered at public cost. I have all the evidence and shall be sending it to you shortly. Regards, Imran Anwar Sqn Ldr (Retd)

Albert Zai ( Los Angeles,United States) Thursday, July 15, 2010 6:54:14 PM (MDT - USA)
Mr Noorani I saw the News Hour Debate on the Times Now Channel of India and I was deeply angered at the representation you did on the show for Pakistan. You took the blame squarely on Pakistan by saying we're doing a lot of introspection (which was equivalent to you admitting that the problem lies in Pakistan). There's a historical context to why the Pakistani establishment assisted the mujahideen that you failed to bring to the attention of the Indian viewers. The problem that we face today at the hands of these extremists is because they weren't taken care of after the USSR broke up. Pakistan was never in favor of terrorism and it never will be. Secondly during the East Pakistan episode India repeatedly used Human Rights as an excuse so you should have brought that point to the attention of the Indian viewers who are getting upset at Pakistan raising HR concerns. ISI and Pakistan have done introspection it's time RAW and the Indian does some as well.

Muhammad Jamil ( Rawalpindi,Pakistan) Tuesday, April 6, 2010 2:59:06 AM (MDT - USA)
Dear Sir, I listen your views in all matters relating to Pakistan's prosperity and found them at the standard. You did a very good job and perform your funcation with the best interest of the nation. I slaute you. I like you very much and your personality.

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