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Top-10 Reasons to join

1. United for better Pakistan Campaign:
"United For Better Pakistan” is themed to permeate the structure & function of various administrative and legislative bodies in Pakistan as per the need/requirement/will of the 177.1 million Pakistanis, translating their wishes through the network. We aim nothing impossible. We look forward to the provision of basic necessities of life; food, shelter, education, employment, health care, electricity, transportation, security, economic stability and justice as our agenda to help uplift the standard & quality of life in Pakistan.
2. Inspire: Project and Award Central:
We are aiming for a Change. A change that is inevitable. A change that is reframed by the thought process of Pakistanis, for the Pakistanis, by the Pakistanis. A change soaked in ideas from people. People who have the spark to ignite revolution against all odds. We at Pakistan Herald deeply recognize the power of People and therefore we bring to you “Project & Award central”; A reward-offering service to people for their contribution towards a better Pakistan.
3. Not just another website on Pakistan:
Its not just another News website, it engages visitors to provide practical solutions to most common problems being faced by a man on the street in Pakistan.
4. Solution centric Approach:
It focuses on matters which pertains to common man e.g.
  Leadership and Governance
  Public Policy
  Moral Values
5. Public Ratings:
It provides a credible mechanism to establish Ratings of public figures in Pakistan. You can provide your comments to public figures and its viewable to all visitors.
6. Popularity Graphs:
For all public figures it maitains historical approval ratings. So you can find out how the character of a person is reflected in public domain.
7. Programs that matter:
Selected Current Affairs Programs from Media that keeps you updated on what is going on in your homeland.
8. ListMania:
It provides various lists to traverse through the political history of Pakistan enabling us to learn from the past. For example:
  Leaders of Pakistan Movement.
  Presidents/Prime Ministers of Pakistan.
  Top-100 figures running the affairs of Pakistan.
  Who commited crimes against the constitution of Pakistan   etc.
9. Your contribution
Your contribution in comments / Ratings / Blog is preserved in your Account area ( If logged in ) and highly appreciated.
10. Tools & Resources
It will keep striving in providing you tools & resources to change the destiny of our great nation Pakistan!