Why I need to get involved?

The business of dirty politics in Pakistan serves to steer clear unwanted criticism and competition. People generalize, question and insult on the basis of half facts, never get the full picture, assume, fume and forget in a matter of days. The citizenry which does keep checks on reality and values equality of man and social justice is cautious and guarded, one of the many causes for Pakistan’s descent into chaos!

This is a call to the youth of Pakistan. We want to deliver a long forgotten message to the graduates and alumni of major universities and educational institutes. This message is for;

1. Students and graduates of Karachi University.
2. Students and graduates of Punjab University
3. Students and graduates of NED University
4. Students and graduates of Dow Medical College.
5. Students and graduates of King Edward College
6. Students and graduates of all other prestigious educational institutes of Pakistan.

“We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on true Islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of peace which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of mankind” (~ Mohammad Ali Jinnah)

Nation building is a constructive process which is in dire need of new blood. Pillars of social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability are needed to help Pakistan back on its feet again. We realize it would be a long tedious process but we have you, the priceless resource of our country to bank on. Out of your intellect and will we hope to rebuild our nation.