Awais Shah recovered from DI Khan in burqa DG ISPR

Source: Published in Terrorism on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

KARACHI: Director General ISPR Asim Bajwa said Awais Shah was recovered from his kidnappers who had made him wear a burqa in order to transport him in Dera Ismail Khan.

Elaborating on Shah's recovery in a press conference, Bajwa said an ambush was foiled in Dera Ismail Khan at an intersection on the way to Tank.

Bajwa gives details of raid that recovered kidnapped lawyer
Kidnappers had put him in a veil conceal his identity
Lawyer recovered with hands and feet tied, tape across the mouth
Bajwa says TTP splinter group and Al Qaeda elements involved in kidnapping

Bajwa said a figure in a burqa was found in the car after a sniper shot the driver and two militants in order to stop a suspicious vehicle, who was identified as Awais Shah, blindfolded, with his hands and feet chained and tape across his mouth.

"This was a TTP splinter group with some Al Qaeda elements," said Bajwa, explaining the affiliation of Shah's kidnappers.

"Intelligence agencies were working at a 'surge rate'. There was a whole chain of people who were awake to make this operation a success last night and there is always some operation of this scale going on."

Bajwa also allayed suspicions, saying there is no information that any political party was involved in the kidnapping.

The ISPR chief said all three terrorists were killed.

"The operation was only completed this morning and Awais hasn't been debriefed yet," said Bajwa, explaining why Shah hasn't spoken to the media since returning home just a few hours ago.

'They wanted to spread terror'

"Whatever high profile kidnappings they did, they had a purpose. They wanted to spread terror," said Bajwa, referring to the series of high profile kidnappings of Ali Haider Gilani, Shahbaz Taseer and Awais Shah.

"I want to salute the affected families. They have faced this challenge with perseverance, and ultimately all three cases were recovered"

Advocate Awais Ali Shah, kidnapped son of Sindh High Court Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, was recovered after an intelligence based operation at Tank district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Director General ISPR Lt. General Asim Bajwa disclosed Shah's recovery on Tuesday through a pre-dawn tweet. Three terrorists were also killed during the operation.

According to the ISPR, Awais Ali Shah was safe and sound in the possession of security forces and will be transported back to his parents during the day.

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