Elections 2018: Simple guidelines on how to cast vote

Source:  ARY News Published in Current Affairs on Saturday, July 21, 2018

ISLAMABAD: A voting method has been outlined by the Election Commission of Pakistan for the General Election 2018 set to be held on the 25th of July.

For the upcoming elections, a number of 220 million ballot papers have been printed. The ballot paper for the National Assembly is green whereas white colored paper shall be used for the Provincial Assembly.

According to the electoral body the ballot papers are specially designed this year bearing significant security features.

The voter needs to keep in mind the following guidelines before casting their vote.

The polling process will start at 8 am.

All voters need to carry with them their original National identification card. The officers will verify your identification before checking your name in the voting list.

The voter will then be given a serial number and will be asked to imprint their thumbprint next to their name, after which the officer will cross out the voter’s name from the list.

The officer will then mark the voter’s thumb with permanent Ink.

An assistant Presiding Officer will issue the voter two ballot papers for the national and provincial assemblies respectively after signing at the back of both the sheets.

The voter standing behind a voting screen will be able to stamp on the name of their preferred candidates.

The National Assembly paper will then be inserted into the box with the green lid.

The provincial assembly paper will be inserted in the box with white lid.

The polling process will end at 6 pm.

Although the polling stations will be closed by 6 pm any voter that has entered the polling station before     6 pm will still be allowed to cast their vote.

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