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When I am asked to write I wonder if it’s because of my ability to reflect and observe or is it because I can help people resolve their issues. Whatever it is, it’s a great feeling to be able to express through words and make sense out of it. Travelling the world watching people dealing with every day of their lives and struggling with personal relations and their own wants and needs has become a way of my life.Question is, what direction is needed and what should be our life’s policy?

Our day starts with complaining over how much is to be done, going to work then home, family commitments and then finally friends. It’s a full day of catering to others needs and then I don’t have time left for myself. So I guess one should start with allocating time for themselves and then do the rest, may be then we won’t be able to complain. Prioritizing what should be done first when there is work then you need a chilling time where you relax or be with someone who you can say anything to and not be judged or reminded of your short comings later. That’s a much needed thing.

The person who is listening to the problem should try to keep himself or herself away from getting emotionally involved in solving the issue because that can lead to more complexities. We can actually not change anybody’s life and make it perfect right away we can just advice to our best capabilities and provide assistance if needed but that’s it our job finishes there because the moment you will start to solve their issues you might be considered as the bad person so just be there when needed.
24 hours in a day is whole lot of time and a lot can be accomplished during that. We do have time but it’s just that most of us are not good as managers.When we are young the first training by our parents should be of managing time. When we are able to manage our school life it is from that day onwards we will be able to manage our life in future.
So basically training mind and body goes hand in hand and that is the prime thing required in one’s life. Why do we say that now time is most strenuous, when we were young our parents didn’t have so much to think about but the reality is that in every era people experience issues according to those times.Our focus in life should be creating goodwill because one can never forget the feeling they get by interacting or working with someone for lifetime.

When we were growing up nobody enlightened us about this but I hope we get the opportunity to tell people about it because that’s the way life works,what goes around comes around is the rule of nature. The happiness you get when you help someone achieve something is a million dollar feeling. So I guess one should be cool and calm and don’t allow things and situations to bother you much. Take life as it comes this is just a stage and we are here to perform at our best capabilities. So just do that and enjoy every bit of it.

By: Shahray Zariff

Written by Web Desk

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