Letter by Maliha Naveed

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Taliban crisis situation

The whole debate of Government-Taliban peace talks has taken the form of a vicious circle- a circle which by its very nature is without ends and keeps going round and round, meaning in this case without any end result. As a direct response to the article published in DAWN ‘Without sharia, TTP won't accept talks’, I want to highlight the issue of what’s going on round and round in this particular ‘Taliban crisis situation’. Our elected government has been rocking back and forth in its stance for dealing with the Talibans- who are in return rocking the lives and peace of millions in Pakistan. So first there were these peace talks to take place, then with unstoppble terrorist attacks on innocent people by TTP, government decided to take up arms against TTP and now we are back to the ‘talk and solve’ option. The thought which disturbs me more than anything else is that the government might very well become utterly helpless, which it has, for the most part of it when it comes to curtailing the power of these insurgents. However, the precondition for Talibans is that there be no compromise on the very fundamental condition they are proposing-that being the imposition of Shariah in full affect. What this precondition asserts is the fact that Talibans are going in for the peace-talks with a very stringent and frankly stubborn mindset. So that is a big drawback for the government, which is not even sure of what to decide for its people, either to talk through and negotiate with these insurgents or just bomb them and let a fresh new wave of internal war take place.