Letter by Engr. Shahryar Khan Baseer

Friday, February 13, 2015
KPK Speaker POL expense

The PTI Government in KPK had claimed that they won't break rules and wont waste the people's money. But recently it was reported in the media that the PTI leader and current Speaker of KPK Assembly Mr Asad Qaiser has a security entourage costing 8 Million Rs. While he is using 5 Government vehicles and has claimed over 48 Million Rs as POL expense for 13 months.

After the printing of this news, no one from PTI or KPK Government explained or apologized for this high cost. Similarly no one in the KPK assembly or PTI requested the leader, Asad Qaiser, to reduce his security entourage and return the extra government cars.

I would therefore like to request Mr. Imran Khan to take strict notice of this wastage and request the leaders who create such expense, to repay these expense back to the Government of Pakistan. The PTI and its leaders have an opportunity to create a good impression and an example for other leaders to follow. I hope they don't let us down like the previous government of ANP-PPP.