Letter by Shahryar Khan Baseer

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Protection of Pakistan Act

It is a sad time indeed, when the Government of Pakistan promulgated the Protection of Pakistan Act (PPA) for 2 years. The promulgation of this act means that Pakistan's judiciary system has totally failed. Because if the Judiciary was strong enough to pass orders that would have helped created laws or provided guidance to the people of Pakistan, than we would not need to issue such harsh acts. Since the act allows 'shoot to kill' and other harsh measures, the very next day near Peshawar, a police party shot dead a person accused of killing another policeman's son. The reality is that Pakistan has very weak internal laws. Our parliamentarians are more involved in funds and infrastructure projects, than in creating laws. And although the primary job of the parlimentarian is to work on laws, but without any local bodies, the parlimentarians are forced to spend time on infrastructure projects for their regions. The second level of law should come from the Judiciary. Where the verdicts should help create laws and guidance for the people of Pakistan. Unfortunately in Pakistan the judiciary has no idea and skill to pass such verdicts. The judiciary in Pakistan, shockingly do not even use latest technology for their verdicts and still only rely on documents and witness statements, even while the Judges themselves use facebook, emails, internet and new lab test methods for their own personal use. Therefore I believe that although we need to do something to ensure that all criminals are arrested, prosecuted and sentenced. But doing it through a 'shoot to kill' law is wrong and it basically means that the country's parliamentarians and judiciary are too lazy to do their jobs.