Police release image of Brussels bomb suspects

Source:  Agencies Published in Terrorism on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Belgian police have released CCTV footage of three men suspected of carrying out the attack on a Brussels airport which left at least 14 dead and injured hundreds of others.

It shows three unidentified men pushing trollies with suitcases past Zaventem airport's check-in area, two of whom are wearing a black glove on their left hand. The grainy pictures have been released by Belgian police as part of their investigation, according to the Belgian news agency Belga and local newspaper La Libre.

Two of the men have dark hair, and one of them is wearing a red hat. The Belgian authorities have shut down all transport networks since the attack, while the country's Prime Minister Alexandre Michel said: “What we feared has happened.”

Belgian newspaper La Libre said that its sources said the gloves may have been worn to hide detonator devices. It said that the man on the right of the picture, who is wearing a hat, is being actively hunted by police. La Libre did not comment further on the fate of the other two men.

Brussels officials earlier said that there was concrete evidence of one suicide bombing at the airport on Tuesday morning. Two bombs exploded at the Brussels airport and one of the city's metro stations on Tuesday, killing at least 34 people and wounding dozens in the latest terror attack claimed by the Islamic State.

The two airport blasts, at least one of them blamed on a suicide bomber, left behind a chaotic scene of splattered blood in the departure lounge as windows were blown out, ceilings collapsed and travellers streamed out of the smoky building.

About an hour later, another bomb exploded on a rush-hour subway train near the European Union headquarters. Terrified passengers had to evacuate to safety through darkened tunnels.

The police press office said that it had not intended to immediately release the photo but given that it had been leaked and subsequently widely posted by media they were now confirming that it is authentic.

"It is a photo of the suspects," a police spokesman said.