Rangers conduct search operation in Karachi

Source:  The News Published in Law & Order on Tuesday, August 02, 2016

KARACHI: Police and Rangers arrested 14 suspects in overnight search operations conducted in different areas of the city, on Monday.

According to details, Rangers have detained at least four suspects in a search operation carried out in Liaqatabad. Almost 10 to 12 Rangers’ mobile vehicles were involved in the targeted search operation conducted at a residential area and recovered four sacks of armaments and two bullet proof jackets.

A house-to-house search operation was carried out by police in Sadar area from where 10 suspects have been arrested. The arrested people were taken into custody for further interrogation.

On Monday, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah had approved the summary granting Rangers stay in Karachi with special powers for one year. Following the orders, Rangers continued to play a vital part in maintaining the law and order situation of Karachi.