Pakistan can do more for regional security: Pentagon

Source:  ARY News Published in US on Sunday, May 20, 2018

WASHINGTON: Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White has said that Pakistan could certainly do more with respect to regional security.

Briefing the media, she said Pakistan could certainly do more with respect to security within Afghanistan, and we would look to them and hope that they would both [Pakistan and Afghanistan] help, because they are both victims of terrorism and they’ve also sponsored terrorism.”

“So we look to Pakistan to create more opportunities to secure the region.”

When asked about the recent remarks by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif about non-state actors’ alleged involvement in Mumbai attacks, the Pentagon spokesperson said: “Again, this is an inflection point for Pakistan. Pakistan has decisions to make, and we hope that they will be a partner in safeguarding the region.”

Diplomatic relations turned sour for both the countries recently when the US imposed travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats which were reciprocated by the latter.

The Pentagon spokesperson was also asked about the massacre of 60 Palestinians following the United States Embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem on Monday. “Israel has the right of self-defense and it has the right to protect its border,” said White, adding that the US was monitoring the situation.

“We’ll continue to keep a sharp eye on the situation as well as our embassies around the world.”

When asked if she could justify the civilian casualties on Gaza border, White repeated that the US is going to continue to monitor the situation, reiterating “Israel has the right of self-defense”.